5 of my Favourite Face Scrubs!

Good skin runs in my family – not saying we have perfect skin, but good skin as in resilient, smooth, pretty much wrinkle-less and soft.

I was checking out the skin of my aunt, who is turning 40 this year and has a young 18 month toddler – she doesn’t have ANY crows feet at all (dark circles, yes!). Even my Nana who is 75 has the same amount of crows feet I see on some boozy 26 year olds!

However, when it comes to my skin, a bad bacon rich diet and the total, complete lack of sleep shows – my skin looks tired, I get spots, I’m getting fine lines.

Top 5 Face scrubs Oskia Dove Spa Dr Lewinns Soap & Glory washa apple .jpg

So I’ve been making a conscious effort to look after my skin recently (and the routine is getting unexpectedly complicated!) but its starting to pay off.

When its close to perfect, I’ll share the routine with you, until then I’ll reserve judgement!

At the moment I am ADDICTED to face scrubs, masks and oils.

So this is the first part of 5 face scrubs I have used for the last few months that I think are fab – and I’ve used quite a few! My skin is quite sensitive and dry at the moment and the following didn’t break me out.

My Picks

1. Oskia Skincare – Micro Exfoliating Balm

Oskia Skincare Micro Exfoliating Balm.jpg

I was sent a few products from Oskia to try quite a few months ago and I have been duly using them – and it really is such a LOVELY range, both to look at and to use.

This Micro Exfoliating Balm is one of my favourites because when my skin is dry, the hydrating element of the balm soothes my skin and leaves some moisture behind.

The exfoliating grains are super fine so its good for delicate skin:

Oskia Micro Scrub Balm.jpg

It smells rosey too which is nice – if you like the balm type/hot cloth cleansers you’ll like this. Its quite a luxury product but I only use a small amount 2-3 times a week.

Price: £46
Verdict: Hydrating with a fine grain, dense scrub, excellent for delicate skins

Next pick!2. Soap & Glory – The Greatest Scrub of All

soap & glory greatest scrub of all.jpg

I’ve suddenly got a crush on Soap & Glory, ever since I got that amazing Hat Box from Boots!!! I’ve been working through the items one by one.

This scrub, The Greatest Scrub of All, I really like – it has such an unusual smell – I can’t put my finger on it (without looking at the ingredients!).

Its sort of minty but also sweet. Smelling it, I thought it would bring me out in a rash but it didn’t and I also liked popping the little spheres which smelt a bit orangey to me.

This is not a proper scrubby scrub – if you want something refreshing with a mild scrub effect this is the one to go for. Once again its 2-3 times a week, less if you are sensitive.

soap & glory greatest scrub of all face skincare.jpg

Price: £8 (bargain!)
Verdict: Refreshing and slightly tingly, not incredibly scrubby.

3. Rosette wAsHA Apple Scrub

This Rosette face wash is also a scrub – personally I treat it as a scrub as it contains AHA’s which I can’t use on my skin every day as it irritates it.

Washa Apple scurb AHA BHA Cleaner Japanese.jpg

The texture is very cream – there are tiny very very fine particles in there (hence it could be used as a daily wash for some people). It foams nicely and leaves my skin super duper clean.

Apple face scrub skincare.jpg

Price: About £4 (or $6) from Adambeauty.com. Comes in 2 other flavours, Peach and Mango (I bought all three!)

Verdict: Quite a creamy scrub, its tingly and has AHA so use sparingly on delicate skins, but feels lovely and smells great afterwards.

4. Dr Lewinn’s Facial Polishing Gel

I’m totally new to the Dr Lewinn’s skincare range – I am trying out more products from the range and REALLY liking it. In a sea of non-descript ‘Dr-so-and-so’ skincare, Dr Lewinn’s is standing out.

This face scrub I like because it has a cooling gel base. It reminds me of what an old school face scrub should be!

Dr lewinns facial polishing gel exfoliating gel wash -1.jpg

This has quite a liquidy gel (not thick) with fine grains in the scrub. You only need a small amount to cover the whole face. It smells – zesty!

Dr Lewinns Facial Gel Scrub Exfoliator.jpg

This is one I have using quite a lot because it works quite well on delicate skin (the grains are very fine) and its kept my skin quite blockage free so to speak.

Its also RE-FRESH-ING!

Price: £25 but its just £20 from Lookfantastic.com

Verdict: Refreshing light textured gel with a fine scrub – great for every day use!

5. Dove Spa Porcelain Pore Reduction Scrub

Love the idea of this scrub being a pore reducing one because its also ridiculously soft and creamy.

Quite often ”pore reducing” scrubs are a little too menthol-y for me, giving me dry patches and the itches. This has the most unusual creamy texture that I haven’t felt in any other scrubs.

Dove Spa Porcelain pore Reduction scrub .jpg

Having said that, it does still contain Witch Hazel and I find that it works best around the t-zone. I once left this on my cheeks for too long and it started to tingle a bit too much.

Dove Spa Pore Reducing Face Scrub.jpg

The grains (rice grains!) are medium sized, not too rough.

Price:I was sent this from PR but on the site it £19.

Verdict: Smells like pears, very creamy texture and medium sized scrub, quite comforting to use!


Because I have quite a few scrubs, I tend to use them VERY GENTLY in the shower every other day. If my cheeks are dry I use a hydrating one on my cheeks then something stronger on my t-zone.

Its especially good if you get blackheads and also for removing flakies from the cheeks and forehead. But choose your scrub type wisely!

What are your favourite face scrubs?

Do you bother with exfoliating?

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  1. maria says

    The Oskia face scrub is my absolute favourite. My skin is dry and sensitive but it feels so soft and nourished after I use it. I love it.