Backstage with Benefit; The Clothes Show Live 2011 at the Birmingham NEC (Part 2)

It took a while for us to get backstage to see celebrity make up artist, Rachel Wood do the make up for The Clothes Show 2011 catwalk (using Benefit products), but despite Mr Security Guard getting all No-no-no, it was so worth it.

The Clothes Show Live 2011

Backstage is crazy no?  So many half naked young gorgeous models running around, mixed up with celebrities and dancers.  But I was there to take a look at the make up!

Rachel Wood is a make up artist from New York City who studied and lived in England for over a decade, and now commutes from NY – she is also the make up artist spokesperson for Benefit make up in the UK.  She is seriously lovely and a real professional with lots of beauty tips.

The Clothes Show 2011 Backstage Make Up Artist Rachel Wood for Benefit

The Dancer’s Make Up:

The Clothes Show Live 2011 1

The dancers had winged eyeliner, created with Magic Ink, and glittery pink lips.  Everything was powdered down with Powderflage (soon to be discontinued!) just at the corners of the nose and under it too, therefore leaving the rest of the face lovely and dewy.

The Clothes show live backstage

Bella Bamba was the main blusher of choice, and Hoola was used to contour.  High Beam was used a lot to highlight at the top of the cheekbones.

The glittery lips was actually created using craft store glitter in pink for the dancers and red for the models.  They were stuck on to the lips using Benefit’s lash glue, which is clear, thus leaving no residue.


The Clothes Show 2011 Fashion Week Make Up

The eyeshadow palette used was Benefit’s Big Beautiful Eyes, which contains 3 neutral shades.

And what about Get Real, Benefit’s newest mascara which is selling like hot cakes?

Rachel said Get Real with it’s wet formula was perfect for using with false lashes it it really gets them stuck together without looking unnatural.  She also loves Bad Gal mascara and with it’s drier formula, is great to use when you are worried about lash curl!

The Clothes Show Live 2011 Make Up Backstange Rachel Wood Benefit

LOVE looking at Make Up Artist’s stations;

Benefit make up rachel wood

Benefit make up The clothes show line 2011 1

For the guys, Rachel used You Rebel tinted moisturiser and concealer where needed.  Once again powder wasn’t applied all over because all of the models were supposed to look perfect with that glow – like real like mannequins basically.

The clothes Show 2011 Make Up

I admit me and 2 other girls were ogling this model for quite a while; he seems to have Asian heritage and yes we did fawn for a while:

The Clothes Show 2011 1

I also watched some of the show from the front; it was good fun and you don’t get a hint of the chaos going on back stage!  The models look so with it considering what’s going on backstage!

The Clothes Show Live 2011
Have you ever been backstage or to a fashion show?
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  1. says

    I was a runway model until recently and its bedlam – people running about, getting pinned into clothes that were supposed to fit, models not turning up, shoes going missing (that always happens so most of us used to take our own) and a distinct lack of food – the organisers always seem to think we don’t eat much. But I loved it, I have hung up my shoes now – I still have them though in the bottom of my wardrobe. I have modelled at the clothes show and its a really slick operation – although the dance routines are really really hard, they use a mixture of models and dancers at the clothes show and I was really rubbish at keeping up!!

    Samantha xx

  2. Jen says

    How cool that you got to go backstage! I would much rather watch the backstage chaos than the catwalk show itself lol Love the looks that Rachel came up wuth too
    And that male model…he’s delectable 😀

  3. says

    was the glitter benefit too that they used on the lips? i was at the clothes show and i saw alot of ppl with glitter lips it looked great