Newest Blush Box from Benefit! Benefit Hervana A Good Karma Face Powder Review and Swatches

Benefit’s latest Blush Box is Hervana, a rosy, berry, violet, peach toned box.  It’s about time Benefit brought out something with these lovely purple type tones…

My favourite blush boxes from Benefit are Hoola (perfect matte bronzer) then I quite like Coralista.  But I haven’t found one that I’ve found an essential blush shade.

Do you like the design of the box:

Benefit Hervana

Benefit Hervana has four shades which can be swirled into one. It has a really lovely scent!  It also comes with a chunky brush on top and like the newer boxes, the lid is attached.  The colours….

Here are the 4 shades, a cream highlighter, peach, berry, rose. To me it has only a little shimmer, which is very flattering to wear on the cheek.

Benefit Hervana Blusher

I guess you could wear the shades individually if you wanted to although I don’t have the energy to pick out the shades individually to apply on my cheek.  On my olive skintone the colours seem to disappear but I can say that swirled together it leaves me with a really beautiful natural glow:

Benefit Hervana Swatches

I really have been using this every day since I got it, because it’s just so easy to use! It’s really flattering and warm without looking like a rash (I get red easily and sometimes berry shades just make me look like I have been sweating. This one looks pretty).

The only thing I find slightly cumbersome is the lid. Some people didn’t like the previous removable lid, I actually prefer it to this one – just for aesthetic reasons. It’s also cardboard and quite a big box which mean I wouldn’t carry it around with me in my make up bag unless I happened to depot it eventually.

Mixed together:

Benefit Hervana 1

This costs £23.50 which isn’t cheap but I have yet to finish a box blush, they last forever so it kind of makes it good value!  You can buy it here.


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  1. says

    Wow, we do learn something new every day. I didn’t know it’s possible to depot Benefit box powder!

    Hervana looks like a lovely mix of colors! I still haven’t tried any of the Benefit box powders, but it’s high time that I do!

  2. Jen says

    My fav Benefit blush is still Bella Bamba, as it is totally different to most of my other blushers (I have a tendency to go for pale baby pinks!). This new one reminds me a bit of my everyday blush, MAC Well Dressed, when all blended together. And now the word blush is starting to look weird because I’ve typed it too many times!

  3. says

    Sounds great and I’ve seen it look lovely on paler and tanner girls but I’m not interested at all! I can find other shades like that for far cheaper! If I had to choose one to try I’d try bella bamba because I love pinks!