Salon Review: Jinnylash Eyelash Extensions for the Fake Eyelash Look!

Last week I tried out a service by Jinnylash…

God that’s a rubbish introduction.

Ok – so my lashes have been a little depressed lately, like a floppy peen, due to the remnants of my Flutter Lash Extensions falling out. I was invited to try out the Jinnylash lash extensions – and of course I duly accepted!

Jinnylash is one of the first lash extension places I heard of, and these days there are of course so many options out there! I have to say, having had 3 of the top ladies in the country do my lashes, I am scared of anyone else touch them…

But I digress.

So the night before, for some bizzare, bizzare reason, I thought it would be a great idea to try and remove the remnants of my last lash extension myself

Bad idea. Olive Oil. Mild Solvent. Oily make up remover. More Olive Oil. Tweezers. Several Eyelashes removed by Mr Candy via tweezers. A punch in the face for Mr Candy. More Olive Oil.

Leave removal of lash extensions to the professionals – that’s all I’m saying.

So I get to Jinnylash, which is easy peasy to find as its just near Bond Street Station – unfortunately, I decided to walk from Oxford Street Station which left me all hot and sweaty…

Inside the small and intimate salon, without airs and graces, I was greeted by a few ladies and given a choice of lashes. There’s a sheet you can choose from which is basically this:

Now, don’t tell me off but I can’t remember what number I had. I am guessing a 10 or 11 and a medium curl (in hindsight I wish I went for high curl…but we weren’t sure if my weedy lashes could take the weight).

The Process

I asked for a more natural look and let the therapist decide the length etc.

The lady who did my lashes was a slight, quiet but poised lady who started by applying a eye mask (I know an eye mask when I feel one!!!)under the eye to shield the lower lashes.

Great! I wish more people would do that, gives you a nice hydrating treatment as you have the treatment done.

Erm, yeah, the Process?!

The process is the same as other lash extensions – read here to see the step by step process.

One thing that stood out for me was how delicate my therapist’s touch was. Quick and light – lash extensions aren’t without their OUCH moments sometimes but this was about as pain free as ever.

Also – the therapist did remove my previous lashes for me….in about 4 seconds. I don’t know how she did it, cos boy was I tugging, but she was like, *ping, ping, ping* done!

Need for Speed

A key point with the Jinnylash procedure is that its very fast. In total it only took me about an hour which is extremely quick in comparison to the previous two lash treatments I had (2 hours and 4 hours!).

What, you’re really here for – Photos:

jinny lashes.jpg

They are very natural on and soft, thus comfortable to wear:

Jinnylash Lash Extensions curl mascara.jpg

See the gap in the middle of my lashes? That is where Mr Candy yanked a bunch of my lashes out:

jinny lash fake lashes .jpg

From the side – if there is one criticism with these lashes is that it didn’t hold any curl:

jinny lash.jpg

You can also see from the front that it lacks a definite curl. HOWEVER – when I applied a coat of (non waterproof) mascara it instantly lifted my lashes:

jinny lash curl mascara.jpg


One thing I really love about the Jinnylashes is how SOFT they are. They are super, uber soft and its very natural and hard to tell where my real lash starts and where the fake lash is.

The glue is also very fine at the base of my lash.

These are one of the most comfortable fake lashes I’ve ever worn.


Its too soon to say how well these will last – I have lost a few lashes BUT I have needed to put make up on for some tutorials. They are pretty much all in tact though and to be honest, I’ve decided I don’t want lashes that take forever and ever to fall out. Lashes need a break too sometimes!

HOWEVER – I am not saying that speed is everything – quality is, BUT if you are someone who hates to stay still for too long, or has little time then Jinnylash could be the best option for you.


I liked this lashes a lot because:

1. They’re very quick to apply – thus no falling asleep on the table and snoring
2. They are extremely comfortable to wear
3. They look natural

My only wish is that I had chosen the High Curl because I’d like a bit more lift but I would totally recommend Jinnylash.

A full set of lashes costs £150 and my treatment was complimentary.

Jinny salon address: 16 James Street, London W1U 1EG.

For more information or appointments call 0207 495 8385, email or visit the website for more information.

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  1. saah b says

    oh gosh-these lashes dont look perfect. im sure you are lovely though :)

    I have mine done every 6 weeks from TLC The Lash Clinic who are also the X-factor official eyelash extensionists. Every lash is perfectly placed and pinting in the right direction. The glue is not visible and the results stunning. They last aaaages too.

    I understand you have v fine lashes but the lashes are not curled enough.