Friday Giveaway! Win 1 of 10 Nip & Fab Frown Fix Instant Line Filler Pens!

Oi you! Stop frowning! There is much in life to be grateful for!

But if you just can’t help yourself perhaps you need a bit of help from this product, Nip & Fab’s latest release, the Frown Fix Instant Line Filler Pen!

I have 10 of these to giveaway:


Nip & Fab currently has a waiting list of over 7,450 people desperate to get their hands on this “soon to be a real hero” frown fixer before it launches in Boots.

The effects are instant (within a couple of minutes), but everyday use also results in a cumulative effect so lines become permanently more visible. Clinical tests on the active ingredient has shown a reduction in wrinkles of up to 50% over a 60 day period.

Please visit the Nip & Fab Facebook Page for more info and offers.

Ok, wanna win?


Answer the following question:

Name 2-3 things that make you frown !


1. The man on the tram home yesterday smelt of poo. Not just of mild poo but really strong, fresh poo. *frown*

2. I’m going away for the weekend and I can’t find my favourite pen. This is a disaster I assure you. *frown*

3. My frugal April beings today and I’ve already seen an eyeshadow with my name on it! *frown*

Winners picked in one week!

Vajazzle winners announced shortly!

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  1. Kerry Collins says

    1. People who eat thier stinky food on the Trains.
    2. Guys that ask for your number and never call
    3. People who chew Gum with thier Mouth open!!

  2. kellie goodbun says

    my 14 year old asking for a tongue piercing on the way to school
    Having to take clothes back to Primark again
    Looking at my frown and forehead lines

  3. sandra gauci says

    1, going on scales and discovers another kilo

    2, looking around me and everybody is having botox but i can’t

    3, weather channel reported that next monday will be raining in Birmingham