L’Occitane Ultra Rich Face Scrub with Shea Butter Review

I don’t know much about L’Occitane but I know what when I go into their lush store I want to say, ‘half a block of cheese, please’ because that’s what it reminds me of – a French deli.

Since I have dry skin I am the ultimate candidate for their new Ultra Rich range, a selection of scrubs for the face, body and hands which contain Shea Butter and exfoliate whilst moisturising as well.



They say:

The Ultra Rich Face Scrub has been specially formulated to gently exfoliate dry or very dry skin. Its finely ground nutshells help to efficiently eliminate dead skin cells and impurities. Its creamy base, enriched in shea butter (10%) and chestnut extract, helps the skin to maintain its natural moisture level.

This is a really rich, creamy textured face scrub, nothing like other ones I own. It smells good too.

Initially, I had a nice time using it, gently exfoliating my face:


Then suddenly – OUCH. A burning sensation across my face about 2 minutes in and I had to wash this baby off asap to prevent the stinging. Eek! I thought my skin had toughened up – perhaps its the shell powder, I’m not sure but something in this made my skin go crazy.

I’m lucky that I wasn’t left with any dry patches or redness (as I sometimes get when I have an allergy to a product).

It’s a shame because it’s a lovely texture and will work for some people, just not for me.



Verdict: Get a sample if you have sensitive skin!

Buy this for £17 (100ml).

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  1. says

    I love l’occitane!! i use loads of there stuff!! it can be expensive but there creams are amazing!! Anyways i havent tried this yet but since i have sensitive skin i may stay clear! xox

  2. Jen says

    I love the whole look of the L’occitane stores and products, the store reminds me of an old apothecary! I’ve tried out several of their products, I absolutely love the shea butter hand cream, it’s probably the best hand cream I’ve ever used. Also, the staff in the store I go to are super friendly and helpful, which always helps :)