Diorskin Nude Haul: Crystal Nude Natural Matte Skin Perfecter, Natural Glow Creme-Gel Makeup and Natural Glow Hydrating Make Up Review

I actually hauled this about 3 months ago when I was feeling saucy (although admittedly my attempts at ‘Frugal April’ have been some what thwarted by my renewed addition to Chai Tea Lattes, my hunt for summer dresses because there were 2 WHOLE sunny days and fresh addiction to Jill Stuart make up).

Side note: Speaking of Jill Stuart – any ladies ordered from Hong Kong lately? Because I have a ton of packages that are taking an unnaturally long time to arrive…anyone else experiencing this?

Anyway back to Diorskin. Of all the high end beauty brands and the various foundations they produce, Diorskin Nude is my favourite. I already reviewed the Natural Glow Hydrating Foundation…

On my visit to the counter I was persuaded to buy another foundation (in a paler colour than the one I have now, 031 so I can mix them) the Crystal Nude Natural Matte Skin Perfecter 001 and Compact Creme-Gel foundation in 030.


Speed review?…..

Diorskin Nude Liquid Foundation I already reviewed – I love it. There’s some shade problems (I mix 031 and 040) but I love the texture and feel.

Diorskin Crystal Nude Natural Matte Skin Perfector 001 Invisible:


This was so gimmicky I had to buy it. This product looks white but it is like a solid gel that is transparent when applied.

The lady sold it to me as a primer and finishing powder, as well as something you can use throughout the day to blot the skin. There are a few other products that are similar to this – like my Suqqu Transparent Powder.

The texture of this is like a really solid silicone-gel. It’s quite firm and with it being so sheer you can’t really see if you got the product or not.

Super smooth:


As a primer, this did fill in some pores and left a smooth canvas. However, I think it’s harder to use than a liquid primer and felt heavy.

Used over foundation (quite anal but I hated doing this – it makes the sponge dirty!) it did blot the skin but once again, the result was very subtle and it offers no coverage. I didn’t feel like it enhanced my skin much in terms of glow – I have better pressed powders than this that will control shine and cover up any mid day blotchy skin.

I don’t have a lot of oil breakouts but I did get shine about 2 hours after using this.

If you have EXCELLENT skin that is slightly oily, you may LOVE this product. If you don’t need coverage and you just want to eliminate shine – perfect.

For someone like me, who wants a streamlined foundation routine (I use Primer, Foundation most days – I don’t even use concealer and powder unless I have the time) I don’t see where this item fits in.

It was fiddly and I didn’t see good enough results to justify it’s presence in my make up bag.

Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Creme-Gel (compact Gelee) make up:

I love cream to powder compact foundations so had to purchase their new (at the time!) compact base for on the go touchups.

It comes in a fat compact – I do not like this! It takes up too much room!


My other complaint about the Diorskin Nude compacts (this applies to this product, the Crystal Matte and the powder foundation as I have that too) is that they have clear plastic bases. This looks and feels cheap and is very bulky.

I bought 030 Medium Beige because it was the closest – it is a little to beige and too light. The next shade down was far too pink and the next shade up was really orange based!

If you want to buy one of these bases I highly recommend you go to a counter and try it because the shades are well off.


I am extremely fussy about my cream compacts (my current MAQUillage one is the BOMB. It’s fabulous). This Diorskin one I hoped, would be a alternative to the liquid but I just found it so thick and dry textured.

Using the sponge on it, you do have to use a fair bit of pressure to drag it through! When applied to the skin, it gives medium coverage and a soft dewy glow – but my 2 other complaints is that it looks streaky even when you blend it and I got that funny foundation-bunching up-clumpy thing on my forehead mid day.

Overall – that don’t impress me much.

Here is the compact on the side – it needs to be half the thickness. See my suggestion lines:


So there you go. Even though I love the liquid foundation and the powder foundation, the creme-gel compact and skin perfecter were disappointing.

I paid £29 for the natural glow hydrating make up, £27 for the crystal matte skin perfecter and £35.50 for the nude creme-gel compact from good old Boots!

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  1. says

    My longest Hong Kong order took four months, and that came yesterday 😛 Maybe the postal service is playing up, or something. Usually it takes between a week and a half to a month…five weeks is the max.

  2. Jen says

    I’m with you there on the chai latte front Row…although my fav drink for Summer would have to be the matcha chiller from Eat, it tastes like matcha ice-cream nomnomnom :) I like the finish from Dior Nude Natural Glow Fresh Powder, although I find the packaging a bit rubbish and powder goes everywhere, and I can’t use it when my skin is dry as it really shows up my dry patches