The Body Shop Lily Cole Limited Edition Make Up Collection & Moringa Moisturisers!

When I saw Lily Cole’s first make up collaboration with The Body Shop I did definitely stop for a moment to ooohhh over the products, in particular the lip and cheek domes! (more on that later). 

I was sent a really cute bento box of goodies from The Body Shop which was very cute!

The Body Shop Lilly Cole Body Oils

Lily Cole’s make up collaboration range is cruelty free and contains no animal products and has not been tested on animals. It is also a limited edition release. 

It was the hot pink that caught my eye first though! Here is the low down on the products I got:

The Body Shop Lily Cole Make Up Collection

1. Mini Hi-Shine Lip Shines (£4, 4 colours) – a shiny lip gloss with a wet look that have fruity scents.

2. Lip and Cheek Domes (£10, two colours) – a creamy gel in a dome format which can be applied directly to the lips or cheeks. 

3. Shimmer Cubes (£16) in pink, lilac, violet and a deep pink.

4. Pearl Radiance Primer (£12) – a light diffusing primer to use on it’s own or under foundation.

5. Liquid Eyeliner in Violet (£9) a really vivid purple liquid liner.

There is also a mini brush set and Puff On Radiance – some pearl shaped blusher balls (so to speak!).

The shimmer cubes! I’d love to know if these are Lily’s favourite shades. They’re very pretty, spring ready purples and pinks.

The Body Shop Lily Cole Shimmer Cubes

The lip glosses are very sheer, and glossy. They aren’t madly pigmented but they are good if you love really shiny lips:

The Body Shop Lily Cole Make Up Collection HI Shine Lip Gloss

The primer – reminds me of my Guerlain Meteorites Perles Light Diffusing Primer! The pearls stay solid inside the bottle until you pump it out!

The Body Shop Lily Cole Make Up Collection Primer Pearl Radiance 1

These were the products I really wanted to try! The lip and cheek domes are similar to Shu Uemura’s ‘Creamy Dome Blushers’ which I didn’t buy because they were dear and there was a problem with the packaging where you couldn’t remove the lid without it scratching the product. 

This comes in Coral and Pink and they are both lovely! On the cheeks and lips – they’re creamy but set quickly. 

The Body Shop Lily Cole Make Up Collection Lipheek Dome

I did some swatches here – I will do a proper FOTD with these products soon:

The body shop Lily Cole

My favourite products from the Lily Cole range are the lip and cheek domes, then the primer, then the shimmer cubes!

Another quick mention – the Moringa range! 

Moringa is a floral fragrance which makes a change from the Body Shop fruity scents and it is so lovely! One of my favourite scents. I’ve been using the body oil every day because my skin has been drying out easily and the dry oil sinks in very quickly and offers light moisturization and also the scent lingers for a while. 

The Body Shop Moringa Beautifying Oil

I’ve noticed that TBS have a range of ‘beautifying’ dry oils out! So I will definitely buy some of those when I run out!

The Body Butter is like the other butters from the Body Shop, rich and creamy, which I like a lot but it does take longer to sink in. You can also layer the two of them together. 

There is 3 for 2 on cosmetics at The Body Shop at the moment!

What do you think of the Lily Cole range or the Body Oils?

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