Blog Sale Update….


Ok, I’m a dunce. I was up til 5.30am last night putting things I wanted to sell in the blog sale into a box and there’s quite a lot…so basically its not ready. I will work hard on it tonight and it will be ready tomorrow, for 8pm UK GMT time.

I have written the blog sale rules, you can read them today if you prefer to save yourself the time tomorrow (see after the jump):Firstly – Please read the following before looking at the blog sale, or I will put a hex on you…. :)

I have the most ridiculous amount of make up – its my addiction and the main thing I spend my hard earned money on. I make a lot of make up mistakes, things don’t suit me, wrong shade etc. so they end up unused.

We can’t return make up easily at all in the UK and its also virtually impossible to return products bought online so I am left with a shaking fist.

Fact is I cannot physically use all of it up, and I have given friends and family first dibs already. So I would rather sell some bits to keep the collection under some kind of control, pass on some bargains to others and so that I can buy a pony.


Blog Sale Instructions & Rules & Stuff

1. Read these instructions please!

2. All items sold are as seen.

All items are genuine.

All the items in the sale are things that I have personally bought online or from stores. I do not sell gifted items (its like selling the jumper your Nana knitted for you at Christmas, isn’t it?)

I will state if they are NEW, USED etc.

3. I will sanitise all make up with Isopropyl Alcohol where possible. Feel free to sanitise again once you get them.

4. When you see something you want to buy, leave the name of the item in the comments. First come first served – item is pending for you for 24 hours after the invoice has been sent, then passed on to the next person.

PLEASE make sure you fill in your correct email in the form (that you use for Paypal) as I will use this to send the invoice.

5. I am using Paypal for this blog sale.. All amounts are in GBP (Sterling or £) but Paypal will convert to your currency. All you need is a debit/credit card to shop on Paypal.

6. Please do not panic if I don’t respond to you right away. I have a very busy few days coming up but if you claim an item first I WILL get in touch.

7. No refunds I’m afraid so please ask before you buy!

8. I will send within 3 days of payment. For the UK the rate will be £2 on most orders (not recorded unless you request this and there will be an extra 70p charge) and £3 for international orders (not Airsure – if you want Airsure which is extremely expensive, it will be £4.50).

Larger items will cost more to send.

Above each photo I have put the price on, and the shipping for that product.

9. Royal Mail (the UK postal service) is currently striking and it could get worse. Please bear this in mind, that there will very likely be a postal delay (especially if you are international). I can’t be responsible for missing or damaged packages but I will help with any claims that need to be made.

Is that everything? I think so. Do ask me if you have any more questions. The blog sale will stay up for a week.

See you tomorrow!

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