Recessionista Face: The £25 Face with Boots No. 17

So I have been getting quite a few emails from readers who want me to look at more affordable make up.

Its a fair request – the lady (that’s me) does have rather expensive tastes in make up but of course, we all have different priorities and make up is unlikely to be near the top if you have bills to pay, kids to look after etc. etc.

So I am doing a series of face looks for £25 and under, £30 and under,£10 and under etc. I thought it would be fun to focus on one brand at a time but of course, pick and mix, pick and mix!

Boots No. 7 Make Up.jpg

I have never, if I am honest, bothered buying Boots No. 17 make up, although I have nothing against it either. The prices are usually around £5 – slightly more or slightly less sometimes.

Being Boots, they always have freebies or extra points or 3 for 2 so you can get a good bargain.

I set myself a budget of £25 (and a £1 contingency!) and picked out the following bits…

I picked a base. I went for a new launch product – 17 Skin Perfecting Shine Free Foundation (£5.37) in Honey:

no shine foundation boots.jpg

Honey is darker than I expected on the skin. I am a NC35, this is a tiny tiny bit dark – so at least those with darker skins know they are catered for! The texture of the foundation is a little siliconey – perhaps this is what absorbs the excess oil.

When dry:

no shine foundation boots no. 17.jpg

As you can see, it does leave a matte but not dull finish. It would be good for oily skins. I personally (because I have dry areas) found it clung on to dry bits more than I would like so I’d try a different formula this time. Also its worth trying the foundation on the face to be sure of the shades.

Then I got Shine Control Loose Powder (£5.37):

There is no colour for this powder so I am guessing its for all skin tones –

17 shine control shine powder.jpg

Its pretty fine with no glittery particles. My recent love is Armani Micro Fil powder (which cost more than all of this make up put together, coincidentally!) and no they don’t compare, but….

boots no. 17 shine free.jpg

…this powder does a bloody good job! It definitely takes away shine and blends away without looking ashy –

no 17 shine free powder.jpg

It is very matte. It’s supposed to be – oh and it did supress the shine fore about 4 hours. Recommend this one!

shine free powder.jpg

Of course we need eye colour so I got thisTrio Eyeshadow (£4.88):

boots no. 17 trio.jpg

Its been a LONG time since I got an eyeshadow from No. 17. These are new formulas and they are really really nice. Not sure I can pull of these blues like I could a few years ago but the pigmentation is excellent and a bargain for 3 shades.

And mascara – I got their new one Va Va Voom Mascara (£5.86):

va va voom mascara no. 17.jpg

It reminds me of Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara – it also comes in various colours. The Brush is big:

boots no 17 mascara.jpg

I got it in Aqua which is a light blue. Now – coloured mascaras don’t always show up. To be honest I’v always had good experiences as I’ve used Shu Uemura and Japanese coloured mascaras and they are excellent.

Whilst I think this mascara is ok, I am not convinced by the colour element – it didn’t really show up at all on my lashes and needed some work. It has a medium volumizing effect and it made my lashes flop (but nearly every mascara does that)…


boots no 17 trio.jpg

Oh finally…Ultimate Volume Lip Gloss in Peachy (£3.71):

boots no 17 ultimate volume.jpg

Peach is my favourite lip colour. The texture is nice, medium thick, not too runny, has fine particles of shine in it. No scent as far as I can tell. Not a blow away shade but its pretty, wearable, everyday:

no 17 peach lip gloss.jpg

There’s no plumping in this lipgloss as in, there’s no tingle or anything like that. I’d like it a bit more pigmented.


no. 17 lip gloss.jpg

Total Cost: £25.19

HOWEVER – if I count the 3 for 2 offer on at Boots for No. 17 so its actually more like a £20 face!


blue eyeshadow.jpg
boots no 7 gloss .jpg

Overall, my top picks are the Trios and the Shine Powder. The lipgloss is worth a look too.

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