For Chocolate Week! Stargazer’s Limited Edition Chocolate Inspired Polish Swatches

Can you believe I have a tag for Chocolate?

Anyway, chocoholics, pencil this down! From 11-17th of October is Chocolate week so in anticipation of this, Stargazer has launched seven new products, 4 nail polishes in Chocolicious (brown), Mint Fondant (green), Milky Way (pale pink) and Orange Creme (an orange beige).

There’s also two lipsticks, Cookie Crumble which is a rich metallic chocolate and Caramel Delight, a metallic gold. There is also a loose pigment eyeshadow called Honeycomb sparkles which is a yellow sparkly gold

Today I’m showing you the polishes (it’s also because I don’t know where I put the damn lipsticks!):


As soon as I saw these nail polishes it was instant LOVE. How gorgeous? This is everything I like in nail polish shades, pale to medium tones that are neutral but not boring. I love that milkiness. It’s such a nice change to the brights Stargazer is famous for.

Nail swatches (each swatch is 2 coats. I found this more than sufficient for a good coverage).


Beautiful, beautiful, this pale orange creamy peach is so flattering and lovely to wear. Reminds me of Barielle’s Blossom but of course cheaper.

Chocolicious 505:


Once again a gorgeous taupey mushroom brown (no shimmers in any of these polishes). Isn’t an ugly brown (which I think some of these mushrooms I keep seeing are), this is creamy and rich – so lovely!

Mint Fondant 506:


Are mint nails still in? This one is gorgeous, it’s a tad (just a tad) brighter than the Essie minty one that I bought that was much hyped, but it’s rather lovely. It’s bright but it has this wearability about it.

Milky Way 501:


Yeah, the numbers don’t seem to quite go in order but still – this is also very beautiful – a creamy light pale pink and I don’t even like pale pinks! This was the sheerest polish of the bunch and took a bit more work to get a really even finish.

Nevertheless, I still like it a lot! I just think the shades in this whole Chocolate inspired set is perfect.


I have reviewed the Stargazer Opal polishes before and was very impressed with them and this limited edition I just adore, they are the sort of colours I like. The texture is also more of a runnier consistency which is great for me – I find runnier polishes a lot easier apply because I can just do thin layers.

Also you also seem to get an awful lot in one bottle! What’s not to love?

Prices range from £2 to £2.50 per nail polish, I’m not sure which one it is! Check out

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