Ellis Faas Milky Lips in Ellis Red Lip Colour Review & Swatch!

I reviewed an Ellis Faas Cream eyeshadow earlier this week – and it was quite nice although I wasn’t convinced by the colour.

Here is a Milky Lips lip colour (not a lipstick, not quite a lip gloss) in Ellis Red, a classic blood red shade.

There are 2 other textures – Glazed Lips (glossy) and Creamy Lips (rich and creamy…sounds like my kind of lip!).

ellis faas milky lips ellis red l201.jpg

Once again, its that phallic…slightly skinny phallic bullet lip tube:

ellis faas lip milky red .jpg

They say:

Milky Lips helps to achieve a more fluid lip – even if you only apply a feather-light layer, the colour will still be discernible. Additionally, emollient oils within the product will also make your lips appear fuller and enhance their 3D effect.

Ellis Red is a shade of blood red, replicating the shade of Snow White’s lips.

The Brush Applicator:

ellis red ellis faas milky lips lip gloss.jpg

No accidents this time. The colour came out easily….

ellis faas milky lips lip gloss.jpg

Here is their lip swatch for this colour, a L201:

Ellis Faas - L201 Ellis Red.jpg

God I love those lip swatches.

On my it goes more orange – not as blood red as I hoped. I could do a few more layers I guess to make it really dark or add some black gloss…oohh yes that would be nice:

ellis faas milky lips lip gloss .jpg


Once again, I am not 100% sure about the shade but I can see lots of other shades on the site I would love to try one day.

The texture is pretty nice – its pigmented, its quite hydrating I have no complaints there. It reminds me of my Chanel Laque in Mandarin little…but slightly, just slightly less vivid.

I believe Ellis Faas is sold in Liberty (London) or here for 25 euros.

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  1. Emilyjane says

    I was excited about this range at first but all the colours in this range seem to pull quite orange, and the web shots are REALLY off. :-(