Review: Sue Marsh Lash Extensions (updated!)

There is a reason why I am jealous of men and small children. No, its not their willingness to display immature behavior or their inability to feed themselves – its their lashes. Babies have fabulous lashes. Many men have amazing lashes. My other half has lashes that get tangled because they are so long. Sometimes I look at my arm pit hair and think, why couldn’t you have been transferred to my lashes instead – but no. Life doesn’t work like that.

I have long wanted lush, stunning lashes. But I am Asian – most of us are given short, straight, downward facing lashes. I need to curl everyday, I occasionally get lash perms (50% disastrous). I have problem lashes. They are depressed.

So when I went to see lash guru, Sue Marsh at Cosmetics A La Carte I was dying to see what she would do on me.

Sue offers various services, her new range being the Swift Lash 2go range, using fashion lashes for dramatic looks. They can can be done in under 30 minutes (or you can choose a natural look), and it lasts for 2-3 days. Here’s an example of a fashion look created by Sue:

Eye-Tec 2go.jpg

You can see the gallery here.

Anyway. So, no one told me that the distance between the tube stops on the map does NOT IN ANY WAY CORRELATE WITH HOW FAR STOPS ACTUALLY ARE FROM EACH OTHER. I set off with good time I tell you, but after running in circles around Harrods for half an hour I finally used my spidey sense and ended up at Cosmetics A La Carte, which is one of Sue’s venues.

Sue has worked with lots of designers and celebrities so I wasn’t sure what she would be like – that and I was half an hour late (blame London maps!) and sweating, but she was very very lovely. Sue is a bit of a glamourpuss with curled blonde hair and red lips, and immediately did some lash dialysis.

Diagnosis: A lash lift treatment (similar to perming but done at the root so the curl is natural) and some lashes applied to the ends in a colour to make the brown of my eyes stick out – in blue and green.


I lay on a comfy dentists chair while Sue taped my bottom lashes down (with surgical tape! not sellotape). She than began the root lift, which didn’t feel as uncomfortable has having a perm (when the lash has to be pulled really tightly over the rod). It didn’t feel uncomfortable to me because I get cat paws whacked into my face quite a lot – cat battery – so I’m used to the poking and prodding.

After the lift (which took a fair while) Sue showed me the results – the curl was much much much less harsh than the usual perm (which I have had done three times in total).

The next stage was the application of the single lashes. Sue decided in the end to put more lashes on across the top so the whole thing would have more impact.

Being a perfectionist, Sue also tidied up my brows, making the shape smoother and plucking out all the pesky hairs that were lurking under the skin in a very quick and painless way. I’m making this sound like a it was a quick thing, but the whole procedure took three hours and was incredibly precise and painstaking. Quite frankly, I would choose it over threading any day.

My Eye Before:

(JPEG Image, 2592x1944 pixels) - Scaled (30%).jpg



Yeah baby!I had a mixture of green and blue lashes put on.

Whilst I was in the chair, we talked about things that make lashes fall out. Waterproof mascara was one of the things mentioned (tis true – I scrub at my lashes to get it off) and Sue’s tip was to let as much mascara as possible run off in the shower and then take the remainder off gently. Not only does this look after the lashes, it also looks after the eye area.



Extensions need some tender loving care – this means not using waterproof mascara, oil based eye make up removers, not scrubbing at the lashes, avoiding (if possible) mascara, not using saunas or steam based facial products. The lashes look pretty stellar on their own anyway so mascara on top would be a little bit too much in my opinion.

Also with a lash lift, you can’t wear mascara for 48 hours or you will ruin the effect. You should also avoid getting water on the lashes for 24 hours.


I didn’t find it uncomfortable at all because Sue does a check to make sure everything is as it should be once you are done. Finally lashes that nearly touch my brows!



That night I went to see Wicked the Musical – I only sat right under the air conditioning which made my right eye run consistently for three hours. As a result my right eye flopped a little bit more than my left. Grrr! But it is in the rules – don’t get your lashes wet. I am surprised my eye could actually run for three hours straight, but they did.


Verdict: This is the first lash extension treatment I have had and although it took ages I loved it. The result is there for all to see – very glam, very sexy, really stunning.

Having said all that, this is not a low maintenance procedure. It isn’t cheap, it does require care afterwards and fill in once they start for fall out. Would I do it again – oh yes, in a heartbeat but I do love lashes.

The ones I had should last 3-4 weeks.

Sue said she will be releasing some home based products soon – looking forward to it!

Prices are from £45 for the Swift2Go fashion lashes but it will vary depending on your service, and whether you have Sue or a technician who has been trained by her. As an example, 1/4 of your upper lashes would cost £60 with a tech or £80 with Sue, a root lift is £98 with a tech, £115 with Sue.

The process is time consuming and I would advise anyone considering it to find a professional because there are lots of lash disasters and mishaps that can happen if you don’t find someone who has been properly trained, and more importantly, practiced. It’s not meant to be a cheap procedure frankly because it takes a long time to do and you are messing with peoples eyes – if you are going to do it, get it done properly!

You can get Sue at Daniel Galvin, 58-60 George Street, London W1U 7ET. Tel: 020 7486 9661. Or email – Her website is here.

Highly Recommended

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  1. Caroline says

    Your lashes look amazing! oo, you didn’t mention how much this procedure costed. How much did it cost you?

    I can’t get over how beautiful your lashes look!

    • Row says

      Hey Caroline

      This treatment varies (depends how many lashes you want on) but this did cost a few £100s

      I’m glad you like it! I’d so get ti done again !

  2. Blair says

    Wow missy, gorgeous lashes!!! Have you done any EOTD’s in this blog? I’d love to see how you play your eyes up – our eye shapes are almost similar ^^

    • Row says

      Hi Blair

      I have done my first eye tutorial but there are random ones – if you search for EOTD some should turn up! Our eye shape can be difficult to make up sometimes can’t it!

  3. Girl says

    Tangled lashes are no joke! My upper and lower lashes are forever getting tangled together and making me look a fool.

    A root-lift, eh? Does it utilize chemicals to achieve the effect, or just heat?

    I love the green and navy blue lashes -they’re subtle, yet daring! What other colors were on offer? I’m partial to purple, myself.

    • Row says

      Hey Girl! The root lift still uses chemicals and I dare say the same kind as the ones for a perm, but it it applied differently to a traditional perm.

      Nooo I am jealous of anyone who has lashes long enough to BE tangled!

      I love purple too – purple mascara – my favourite! 😀 There were all kinds of colours on offer I believe, green, blue, purple, red, navy…and lots of feathers and things!

  4. diskogal says

    These look incredible! I’m so jealous, hehe! I love the blue/green effect and I love how loooong and natural they seem!

    Btw, I really liked your article on Makeup and Beauty Blog :)

    • Row says

      Hey Disogal

      Thanks so much :) Do you like the blue and green effect? I wasn’t sure when she mentioned it but its subtle and just adds a hint of colour :) Would you consider extensions?

    • Row says

      Hi Saskia the Salsa Fairy!

      I believe Sue said she trained up some people but I can’t remember which. I think – has a salon locator with trained staff, but always ask if how long they have actually been doing it! You don’t want a fresh trainee! Mine was 3 hours cos I had the perm and brows done, you could do this in an hour and a half xxx

  5. asianrani says

    I went to a place in greater London called the Lash Clinic-They were AMAZING!! I must admit the lashes in the pic dont look very full-mine looked REALLY full and just so glamorous! I had mine done at the Harley st clinic but I think the director freelances now. She is awesome though. I was lucky enough to have a VIP package for my wedding-not cheap but so worth it for my honeymoon when im swimming-no running of mascara! :)

  6. jo jone says

    Hi Everyone,

    i know this women since many years, she is just playing on the fact that she has met few celebrities.
    She is indeed very difficult to reach and through different compaqny names, Why ? because SHE DOES NOT PAY HER EMPLOYEES. She really takes herself too seriously and there is 1000’s of people that can do better job than what she does.

    One advice, do not go and see her, there is many other better and cheaper places to go.
    I hope you appreciate this comment, good marcom does not mean good job.


  7. starlight says

    Hi everyone
    just commenting on the previous commenter who knows the lady in concern. Is this lady sue marsh the same lady that claims that she was a pioneer of eyelash extensions -when i thought that eyelash extensions began in the far east?
    Anyway, I used a company TLC The Lash clinic who were awesome and reasonably priced. The best bit was that they are mobile so they came to me for my wedding and did such a beautiful job. I ended up with long thick glossy curled lashes which lasted aaaaages! My lashes are much much fuller that the lashes in the pictures and I receive around 2 compliments a day so worth every penny! Well recommended for anyone that lives in London.

  8. Sally says

    Hi there

    I had to write something here after reading the above comments. I have been going to Sue for about 2 years now and I would not go anywhere else. She is expensive but she often recommends cheaper procedures to me to give my eyelashes a break- i am a lash addict!

    I dont know what the “NOT PAY HER EMPLOYEES” thing was about as I have been to her employee Natalie at Nicky Clarkes a few times and she seemed much happier than a slave would be!!!

    And she definitely has celebrity clients as I have seen two leave in the past few months and they were very well known.


  9. Ms m says

    I don’t think the lady has done a bad job but I can’t say it is the best either- the set is definitely not as full as one would expect fir the price- definitely been lucky in marketing I’d say! There are lots of other places, as previously mentioned, who do really great sets for a fraction of the price.

    • Row says

      I’ve tried quite a few sets now, I have to say I loved Sue’s because they felt full (enough for my lashes anyway) – any more would’ve been tacky on me