Coffret D’or Eye Shadow Base Primer Review in 01 White

For as long as I can remember now, I’ve always used an eyeshadow base or primer.

Something a bit sticky, a bit wet, a bit greasy as a base…it doesn’t feel right to me at all to just put eyeshadow on a lid.

I am addicted, therefore to buying eyeshadow primers! Ask me, I bet I’ve tried it…

My latest addiction is this Coffret D’or Eye base which comes in two shades: 01 – Sheer White and 02 – Sheer Beige.

coffret d_or eye base.jpg

They say:

An Eye Makeup Base that improves eye area coverage to deliver a bright and smooth surface for long-lasting coloration.

I love getting new make up and cracking it open. I prefer getting brand new make up in packaging and I’d pay more for something thats boxed rather than unboxed…

Yet it’d take be 3 seconds to throw that box away. Why?!

Here is the base – comes in a small square silver case:

coffret dor eye base-1.jpg

The base is a firm textured, slightly greasy, shiny, shimmer white.

It feels very much like lot of sheer cream eyeshadows you can buy – there’s no stickiness to it (I do like a stick eyeshadow base), its more lightly greasy, so to speak.

coffret dor eye base-2.jpg

Want to see it on my eye?

Well first, you get a swatch….Here it is…sheer white. Its quite shimmery in real life, but also sheer.

coffret dor.jpg

My gut instinct was to go for the beige because it suits my skintone but I just wanted to see what the white one is like.

The answer is – its very pretty, quite youthful and adds a really lovely base and soft shimmer to your eyeshadow.

Applied on its own:

eye primer eye base coffret dor.jpg

Note: My lashes have a life of their own at the moment.

And here it is with eyeshadow on top. See how the soft white shimmer pushes through – I love this with a bold shadow on top:

coffre dor eyeshadow primer base.jpg

The purple eyeshadow in question (Lavshuca) is already pigmented, sure, but this base really brings out the colour.

I also thought the softness to the eyeshadow base/primer wasn’t too heavy – even all over my lid, it didn’t make my eyes pop too much or look too googly:

primer base coffret dor.jpg

On the other eye, the is the eyeshadow with no base – as you can see the effect is a lot softer and less vivid.

eye primer base coffret dor.jpg

But wait Cecil! There’s a problem!

Yes there is. It creases. At the end of the day – in fact by mid day, I have a nice little powder eyeshadow build up in my crease.

Even with a thin layer, this base fails to keep me crease free…in fact, I don’t even think it was trying in the first place.

So what is there for? Like Cheryl Cole, its just there to add prettiness.

If you need a bona fide primer, this is not it.

P.S. Its quite nice as a face highlighter

P.P.S But not where you’re wrinkly

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  1. Iris says

    Wow, I know I am commenting on the wrong thing here, but your eyelashes look fabulous!!! How did you achieve that long super curviness? Are those your real lashes??? *jealous*