Mascara Week No. 3: MeMeMe Extreme Lengthening Lash Attack Mascara Review

I have hope when it comes to cheap mascaras (or should I say “cheaper” mascaras!) but quite frankly – results vary!

I thought the packaging of the MeMeMe Lash Attack mascara (Extreme Lengthening) was rather funky though:


Lash Attack! What a great name!

Anyway, Lash Attack as a medium sized bristle brush which is pretty standard – I neither love it nor hate it. I can see lots of fibers on the brush, which is where the length comes from!


The mascara is a nice deep black shade and it doesn’t really smell of anything! I don’t have an issue with the texture of the mascara – it’s neither dry or very wet so shouldn’t offend most people…To be honest, when I was using this mascara I wasn’t wowed. It sort of worked into my lashes fine, I didn’t notice much in the way of volume (I know that’s not what this mascara is for, but still, a bit of fattening doesn’t do any harm!).

But – big but – looking at these photos of the mascara now, I can see the results are impressive despite not being wowed during the application.

My lashes are defined, much longer and just…quite nice!

Just 1 coat:


The finish was clean – which I like. Definitely not clumpy at all. Actually – quite a nice mascara. If you want that clean sort of look and lots of length then I think this may be the mascara for you!


It also stayed put pretty well I didn’t experience any flaking. It’s not waterproof though but once again no smudging throughout the day. Also, with fibre mascara’s, it’s touch and go whether it will irritate my eye or not but there was nothing of the sort with this mascara.

All in all quite a nice find for ladies who want longer lashes. This costs £6.99 from Superdrug stores or buy from their online store.

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  1. Vicky says

    This mascara reminds me of my favorite mascara: Full n’ Soft my Maybelline. It has the same “natural lashes” look which I love. I can put several coats on and it looks like I have gigantic and full natural lashes (and I have very short lashes).

    Do you know if I can find MeMeMe in the US?

  2. says

    Oh wow, the one coat looks amazing, but with 2 coats – FABULOUS. It’s amazing to me to see 2 coats without giants clumps and flakes all over the place. VERY IMPRESSED 😀 Loving those lash extensions, too 😉

  3. Giselle says

    Wow, i’m impressed! It looks like it held the curl nicely too, which is nearly impossible for me. I’m in the US so I think I’m gonna have to search ebay for this bad boy.

  4. says

    OMG it looks like my fave japanese mascara, Heroine Kiss me! MUST get this to try out, thanks for the review and fab pics Row 😀 xxx