Chanel Mat Lumiere Luminous Matte Powder Make Up 80 Contour Review

When I was on the Chanel counter last week I purchased three things, the Chanel Mat Lumiere Liquid Foundation, the Chanel Bronze Universel and this, the powder version of the Mat Lumiere base:


You don’t need to buy this to go with the Mat Lumiere Liquid Foundation! You can use any powder to set it!

This powder if a powder foundation, which means it has greater coverage on the skin, so used with the liquid foundation it can look a bit heavy.

They say:

Mattifying and luminous compact powder foundation. As soon as it is applied, the incredibly silky powdery texture feels like a caress on the skin. Comfortable and lightweight, it allows the complexion to breathe freely.


Shade 80 Contour seemed to match my NC35 skintone well – and it does!

The powder foundation feels creamy and soft – it comes in a signature Chanel compact with a soft sponge and a mirror.

I have a love hate relationship with powder foundation. I have quite a few purely because they are so popular with Japanese beauty brands and I end up buying them just to try out.

At best, a good powder foundation is light to touch but gives decent coverage and feels amazing onthe skin.

At worst, the foundation is dry, cakey and heavy.

Most of the time I tend to dislike powder foundations – my skin just has too many dry patches and the make up clings.


Therefore…I bought this knowing it could be a bit of a waste.

The Chanel Mat Lumiere powder foundation is extremely creamy and soft, without being cakey, which is fabulous.

Here it is when swatched:


Blending away:




I have to say I like this Powder Foundation a LOT.

It’s creamy but without looking like a mask when applied to the skin. On top of that, it gives great coverage – powder foundation don’t usually cover my redness very well, but WOW – this give me even looking skin with a few swipes.

Next – this foundation also controls oil. Unlike the Mat Lumiere Liquid Foundation, which makde my oily skin look greasier than it usually is this powder foundation made my skin matte and glowy right to the very end of the day.

My skin can be dry sometimes and this foundation didn’t cling to my dry bits:


Excuse my dark circles, I didn’t use any concealer.

But you can get an overall feel for what this base looks like.


I bought this on the whim, and seriously I am so glad I did.

Its a beautiful powder foundation and works well on dry and oily skins. The coverage is also excellent – its a much better choice than the liquid foundation, I think!

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