Bourjois Foundation Review No. 1: Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation Review

Bourjois’s newest foundation release is 123 Perfect, which I happened to spot when I was last in Boots – I didn’t hear about it online which suggests it was released with very little fanfare!

When it comes to high street/ drugstore level foundation, Bourjois is one of the few brands I would buy and use – I mean I buff foundation into my face every day and I do prefer the higher end premium bases because I don’t like putting cheap crap on my skin.  I think Bourjois foundations are very good – they err on the yellow side which is great for my skintone!

Bourjois 123 Perfect Correcting Pigments Foundation Review

123 Perfect Foundation is supposed to be a doer – like the over enthusiastic temp in the office, it kind of does a bit of everything. 

They say it has:

3 correcting pigments for zero imperfections:

  1. Yellow pigments: Anti dark circles
  2. Mauve pigments: Anti dull complexion
  3. Green pigments: Anti redness
  • 24hr hydration and anti-shine: cotton flower extract
  • SPF 10
  • Medium coverage, yet lets skin breathe
  • Soft and smooth formula for a second skin finish 
My gut instinct is that a foundation that covers red, circles etc may be on the heavy side and look a little ‘dead’. 
First off this is a very liquid slightly runny foundation (ie. when I pump it on to my hand it runs off!)- surprising I guess because it is supposed to cover so much.

Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation Review

Like Bio Detox this foundation dries quickly.  It sets and then it is done, to a slightly powdery finish. It is not as bad as Bio Detox because you DO have time to play with it for a while and blend.  I don’t personally mind quick drying foundation, it reminds me of my beloved Diorskin Nude. 

Pros of this foundation:

1. Light liquid texture

2. Covers well – good on redness, very good indeed, so so with circles

3. Dries quickly

4. Gives a semi matte even finish if that is your thing

Cons of this foundation:

1. Lacks glow and radiance, looks a bit dead on the skin

2. Sticks to any dry patches or bumps 

3. No pore cover

It lasts fine, no complaints but I’m not wowed either. It seemed to stay in place for most of the work day. 

On me:

Bourjois 123 Foundation Perfect Review

There’s almost a grey-ish-ness to it.

I don’t know, I don’t hate this foundation and I would by all means use it sometimes but I am not in love with it enough to recommend it or repurchase – it’s just (despite being liquid) a bit heavy looking and makes me look a bit meh.

Buy it from Boots for £10.99 – I got it when it was on the introductory offer (about £6.99 I think). 

I have another Bourjois foundation review for you next!

Have you tried this base?!

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  1. catherine says

    I have this foundation, but its just too yellow for me! I’ve got there palest shade yet when I wear it I look like a cross between someone with janince and fake tan! I would really like it if it came paler and pinker tones!