Revlon Moon Drops Creme Lipstick Persian Melon 585, the Pan Am Pink?

It was Marina from Makeupforall who I first saw mention that Revlon Moon Drops lipstick (not out in the UK) in Persian Melon 585 was used in the American TV series, Pan Am.  Marina’s post about beauty inspired by the series is here.

Pan Am is a series about the Air Hostesses who work for the once illustrious airline…I admit I saw 3 shows and it wasn’t for me – beautiful to look at but somewhat lacking is substance.  I am more of a Dexter gal 😉

I bought Persian Melon from a US eBay seller:

Revlon Moon Drops Creme Lipstick Persian Melon 585

I do love hot pinks especially bold bright ones like this. The Revlon Moon Drops lipstick come is this sort of old fashioned looking green packaging, and it has quite a old lipstick scent which I’m not fond of.  Otherwise, it has a really nice soft, pigmented, creamy texture that’s easy to apply and isn’t drying to the lips.

Hand swatch – I will do a look with this and post on it soon.  I wore it at the weekend and for some reason it just doesn’t look too good on my olive based skintone.  The pink looked very 80s and somewhat dated…the sort of bright pink my mum would’ve worn along with her huge frizzy curly perm and a fur coat.

It wasn’t quite modern or funky enough for me to be my kind of hot pink. It also made me look a bit sallow…I’ll do a FOTD soon so you can see.  Perhaps this pink looks better on fair girls or those with less yellow in the skin.

Revlon Moon Drops Creme Lipstick Persian Melon 585 1

I paid about £6 for this on eBay. It arrived a bit smushed…it’s quite a soft textured lipstick to be honest.

All in all, no regrets about buying this to try, but it’s not 100% for me.

What do you think of this lip colour? Do you like retro lip shades?

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  1. says

    Love retro shades – especially the gorgeous look of thick eyeliner and pink, as opposed to red. I’d loe it if you make that look :)

  2. says

    Im more of a red girl but i think i may have to check this one out. Ive been looking for a pink thats not barbie pink & not nanna pink either. This might be the one. Thanks for the post lovely.

  3. says

    I always end up going for those kinds of shades…and then realizing the same thing. I’m a bit too yellow. I do like the green case–it reminds me of the Revlon cases from the 80’s & 90’s.

    And the show..I think I watched about 3 episodes as well. Although I didn’t dislike it, i just stopped for some reason…too bad, since I love things about “air hostesses” hehehe