*Updated* Hair like Cheryl Cole

Woot! Getting my hair cut today (hopefully).

I know a lot of people don’t like old Chezza, but I love her shorter hair style! This is what I’m taking to the hairdressers:

Cheryl loses the X-tension factor_ Cole was accused of misleading fans | Mail Online.jpg

Poor Cheryl. I actually respect the fact that she fought for her marriage the first time around, where a lot of women would have walked away, especially as she has money and a career or her own…but this time, Ashley you dirtie birtie, you’ve left her with no choice but to kick you to the kerb!

I wonder if I’ll come back from the hairdressers saying things like “mojo”……?

UPDATED….see my cut after the jump!….So I went to a place called James & Peter Hair Salon in Manchester during my lunch break.

My hair was cut by James, who looked like a young Anthony Hopkins, and he cut it with flair and speed (not used to it, my butt is usually welded to the seat at the hairdressers for 4 hours or more).

The salon was without fuss – no tea or coffee, quite simple inside but not scruffy. Most of the salon staff seemed a bit older than other salons but I quite liked that – it was a mature atmosphere, no chatting about Katie Price, no gassing over the basin.

The girl who dried my hair did it mega bouncy – not really used to it but Mr Candy loves it so….that must count for something.


Overall – I have to say I may go and see James again. It wasn’t the most personal service I’ve ever had but it was efficient and at the end of the day, my hair did look very much like the picture I took in to the salon (ripped out of Reveal magazine – the shame!).

The haircut cost me £40 (20% discount for first time clients was originally £50).

Me, right now – very tired, its been such a draining week:

*Photo Booth.jpg-1.0 (RGB, 1 layer) 477x443 – GIMP-1.jpg

How am I supposed to get volume and curls at home?! I can’t style hair for sh*t!

Any hair tips, do let me know!

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  1. says

    Wow, It looks gorgeous and so voluminous! Styling at home is always my problem too! I’m sure Cheryl won’t have to worry about doing her own hair though!

  2. GrumpyTart says

    Oooh that is gorgeous, wish I had long hair but mine is just so fine it looks awful long. I’m sure you’ll do a fab job doing it yourself :)

  3. liloo says

    you got to fight, fight, fight for your love, you got to fight for your looooooooooooove. bless cheryl, for how long is she going to want to fight for this scumbag. What bothers me with all this is why, ashley in the first place supposedly had a pay as you phone, while he most probably would have like a posh phone on contract. I mean, as if ashley would go t’ spar and buy a voucher for his phone on a permanent basis. What a piece of garbage that one!
    oh yeah, nice hair by the way.

  4. says

    AHH! I love your hair =D For the “bigness,” try one of the blow-dry brushes to get it dry (the type that looks like a round brush, but vents air from the inside) and a 2″ barrel iron to get the ends bouncy :)