Tony Moly Nail Shuffle (Creamy Glitter Colours) Review and Swatches!


I have been trying to downsize my cosmetic collection AGAIN, and I’ve been coming across tons of make up I purchased but haven’t used yet.  These cute nail polishes – ‘speckled egg’ styles ones from Korean brand, Tony Moly were in one of my ‘to review’ boxes.  There are 5 colours – the full range I believe, in five different hues.  They are called Nail Shuffle – Tony Moly has a vast collection of nail […]

A dabble with LOLA Cosmetics – Eyeshadow Palette, Lipgloss and Nail Polish Review


Lola is a new British designed make up collection (made in Italy) that launched in September 2013 and is sold at M&S (who have a pretty interesting beauty haul these days!). The range is fairly large with 307 products and seasonal launches on the way – there’s certainly a lot of colours to play with! I have a selection her which I have been trying! LOLA make up comes in simple classic black packaging. Whilst […]

Christmas Treats: Ciate Tree Trinkets!


More and more beauty companies are releasing Christmas themed things…and if you love the festive season, then it’s a real treat!  I did squeal when I saw these Ciate tree trinkets.  In a cute festive box comes 6 clear baubles, each with a mini Ciate glitter polish inside.  These come with the string attached, ready for hanging and also 6 gift tags so you can split them up for gifting…amazing idea!  You could hang them […]

Leighton Denny Colour and Go Manicure Pen in Plush Pink Review


My dream is that one day there will be a super machine that you can use to paint your nails by just sticking your hand in it and POOF, your nails are done and impenetrable.  But until then…I will have to live with smudgy nails with duvet marks on them. Although…Colour and Go from Leighton Denny is a clever handy sized nail polish I can get used to.  These clever thing has a 2 in […]

Crabtree & Evelyn Nail Lacquer in Avocado and Black Cherry Review and Swatches


When I think of Crabtree and Evelyn, my first thought is not nail polish…and colourful nail polish at that! And yet, this is what the brand has decided to release; a range of none toxic nail lacquers in 21 colours, from neutrals to brights to darks.  I don’t know why but I felt that the range looked promising; and it is indeed a very lovely range of polishes.  The Crabtree and Evelyn nail polishes have […]

Till Pick Up! Sinful Colours Nail Polish Review; Kissy 1102 and Mint Apple 947 Swatches!


So I was in Boots the other day, and there’s this thing called ‘The-Vortex-of-Boots’ which is where you go in for some toothpaste and end up leaving with a massive basket full of crap that you’ve decided is vital ‘Because it’s from Boots’, and spending £100 on nothing discernible – well I was in the vortex.   I cannot pass through Boots without picking up interdental sticks and snacks for Baby H these days, and […]

Introducing Burberry Beauty Iconic Nail Polish Collection, LE SS’14 Box Set, Swatches and Review!


I hope you are ready for some super pretty premium nail polish goodness from Burberry! The Burberry Nail Polish Iconic Colour Collection is launching on the 2nd of October 2013 and includes 17 shades, inspired by a classic Buberry colours (deep reds, nude, that trench beige etc) and also includes a base and top coat in one (just up my lazy girl street!).   The nail polish has a high gloss finish and 2 coats […]

Little BU Nail Polish Review and Swatches; Polishes for Little Girls?


Hi Ladies, I hope you are all well. I am still crazy busy here, just day to day my hours fly by quickly and I can’t always remember everything I’ve done! all I know is I seem to have little time to do leisurely things these days! Anyway I figured it was time I did a review. I’ve had these Little BU nail polishes for ages – I found them when moving house a few […]

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