Better than Shellac? Nailene Sensational Invincible Gel Polish Review and Test!

I have had my brushes with Shellac (which seemed to make a lot of nail technicians crazy because I just didn’t have a good experience) and after trying it 3 times and having it chip within 5 days I concluded that it just wasn’t for me.  Nevertheless, my cravings for a long lasting polish didn’t fade away and I as very excited to try out this home gel nail system from Nailene called Sensational!

The strange thing was I was close to purchasing a knock off one from eBay! Then I got this in the post:

Nailene Sensational Invincible Gel Polish Review

They say:

For professional looking, salon quality nails at home. 

The SensatioNail™ Starter Kit contains everything you need for 10 perfect Gel Polish applications, including the exclusive Pro 3060 LED Lamp to safely cure to a glossy, damage-proof, mirror-like finish in seconds. 

I’ll tell you now I have zero patience when it comes to doing my nails and I’m not that brilliant at application either! But that’s the point surely…if this kit any good then anyone should be able to use it:

What is inside the kit?

Nailene Sensational Invincible Gel Polish Review 1

You get a nail cleanser which you use to clean the nail, then a primer, then a top and base coat, the colour polish and of course the lamp. 

You get some lint free wipes too, an orange stick, nail file etc. There is enough in the starter pack for TEN applications, approximately.

The colour polish comes in a teeny size! But it is supposed to last a good few applications. 

The lamp! It’s quite small but you can get your whole hand it in!  Realistically, it’s thumbs first, then fingers. It times at 1 minute intervals with a little ding (or something) at 30 seconds because when you are using this, curing times vary between 30 secs and 1 minute. 

Nailene Sensational Invincible Gel Polish Review

The kit!

Nailene Sensational Invincible Gel Polish Review 2

There are clear instructions which come with the pack.  You start by buffing your nails then applying the primer, let it dry for the specified time, then the gel coat which needs curing before you do 2 coats of polish (which also need curing) then the top coat to seal it in.

It seems quick but with all the curing and doing one hand, then the other meant that in total I was doing my nails for about 40 minutes. I do not usually spend this kind of time on my nails but I guess it could be quicker once you get the hang of it – I was reading the instructions at the same time!

With the primer:

Nailene Sensational Invincible Gel Polish Review

When you are setting the nails you can see the gel glow!  You shouldn’t get any of the gel on your skin – I did and cured it and it’s just like hard plastic coating your skin! I cut it off with nail scissors.  

I also did it thicker than you probably should because of inexperience more than anything.  

Nailene Sensational Invincible Gel Polish Review nail Invincible Gel Polish Review

After you’ve finished with the polish application and setting you have to wipe it with the cleanser – some of the excess product or ‘moisture’ comes off but it does NOT ruin the polish although it feels like it does.

Nailene Sensational Invincible Gel Polish Review 2

Finished! Like I said, I think I applied it a little too thick and next time I would do it thinner but it is gloriously glossy and definitely SOLID. 

Nailene Sensational Invincible Gel Polish Review 3

So tra la la la la, I packed the machine away and did my usual things.

I am pretty hard on my hands – I don’t hold back, and in my day job I am very hands on too plus as mentioned earlier, my nails generally react brilliantly to long lasting polish.  

After 9 days I had enough to be honest of looking at red nails, and also my nails grow pretty quickly so the regrowth looked bad.

I was experiencing some fine chipping at the tip and only on my thumb was it starting to lift slightly.  I could’ve went on to be honest, it didn’t have any major chips I was just be being fussy.  

To be honest, it lasted better than any Shellac I’ve had before so that can’t be a bad thing since it works out cheaper to do home treatments!

9 days later:

Nailene Sensational Invincible Gel Polish Review and Test Part 1

Tip wear:

Nailene Sensational Invincible Gel Polish Review and Test Part 1 1

I managed to chip away on my second finger and get something stuck in there – grr.  

Nailene Sensational Invincible Gel Polish Review and Test


I was dreading – seriously dreading this. 
I have removed Shellac at home before and it was tough going and I hate removing glitter polish. I have tried the foil trick which is ok but it still takes some real work.
The Nailene guide says soak your nails in Acetone for 15 minutes then work it off with the orange stick.

I didn’t do this – the skin around my cuticles are dry and sore at times so soaking them in Acetone for 15 minutes will kill them. I sort of floated the flat bit of my nail on Acetone for about 4 minutes if that then gently tried to ease it off with a stick and actually, they came up ok. 
I say OK because I can see now a week on where I was a bit too hard and damaged my own nail. Whoops. Lucky they grow fast. 
I moisturised my nail for a few days after removal and now they are absolutely fine! I still wouldn’t say I enjoyed removing this polish at all but it was easier than anticipated. 


Overall, this Nailene Sensational Nail kit is brilliant for people who love long lasting nail polish and if you spend a fortune on salon visits, and you don’t mind the hassle of applying your own polish and removing it then this kit is for you.  
It really does last very well and overall not too much damage was done.
Would I use this constantly? No. My nails need natural air time to be healthy but I would 100% use this kit again pre holiday, special occasions etc and when I know I am happy to wear one colour of polish for a decent amount of time. My only criticism of this is that the starter kit isn’t too expensive at £69.99 but the polishes are, £15 per colour is quite dear when you consider an average bottle of polish is anything from £3-£11.
Still, it really is a good piece of kit for people who are hard on their hands like me!

You can get this kit from Boots for £69.99 (in Scarlet Red or Raspberry Wine). There’s also an Essentials Kit for when you run out of the base and so on for £25 and the individual polishes are £15 each (they have 12 shades to choose from). 

*PR Sample
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