Eye Candy London Professional Nail Colour- Colour Flip in Regally Yours

I have a NOTD for you from eye CANDY London – a Colour Flip Nail Polish (£8) which supposedly has a ‘metallic colour flip particle technology’.

In different light and at different angles, this polish should give you different effects!

Eye Candy London Professional Nail Colour Colour Flip in Really Yours

There are 4 shades in this range, Green with Envy, Regally Yours (the one I have here, a royal blue) Liquid Gold and As You Know It.

I have to say – of the 4 shades I think I got the weakest one because this metallic blue, whilst pretty and looking slightly purple from one angle, is largely…well, blue.

The other shades – a purple and gold, a green gold, a rich green with a lighter hue running through it look more interesting and more ‘duochrome’ quite frankly than this one.

Eye Candy London Professional Nail Colour Colour Flip in Really Yours 1

This aside, the polish is nice and easy to apply, I didn’t have any problems getting good coverage in 2 coats and getting a shiny fairly even finish. I wish I had a more interesting colour to show you though!

eye CANDY polishes are available in Sainsbury’s.

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  1. liloo says

    umm, gorgeous colour but i dont know if it’s going to be a bit streaky on.
    why does it have to be £8 :(
    4.99 i would buy it straight away x

  2. Sarah says

    I got my eye candy polish from boyes & it was 5 or 6 pound. I didn’t get the blue though as there was no visible “flip” to me & bought liquid gold & the flakie top coat.