Review: Malki Dead Sea Shampoo & Scrub

The search of natural SLS/Paraben free shampoo and conditioner never ends on Cosmetic Candy! I am a big believer is using products that are good for the scalp as well as the hair, mainly because I itch like mad when I come in contact with anything dodgy.

Malki Dead Sea Products is one of those ranges you have probably seen before lurking in the corner of Boots.

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Benefits of the dead sea:

For hundreds of years, the special combination of these minerals has helped to relieve the irritation and itching caused by skin complaints such as eczema, psoriasis and acne, as well as stimulating blood circulation and cell rejuvenation. Indeed, thousands of people from all over the world who suffer from skin diseases – in particular psoriasis – visit health spas on the shores of the Dead Sea to improve their conditions by immersing themselves in the therapeutic waters.

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There are no detergents, chemicals or animal fats in the Dead Sea range – no SLS or lanolin. Just a blend of three vegetable oils: olive, coconut and palm – with the energising boost of the Dead Sea minerals and mud.

I LOVE this Shampoo & Conditioner. Its extremely natural, especially for a shampoo and conditioner that you can buy off the shelf from Boots.

I had no irritation on my scalp after using these products, although it takes a bit longer to later – this is natural with shampoos that don’t contain SLS. It also left my hair very shiny.

Deep Sea Mineral Shampoo: This natural product is made according to an old family recipe using olive, plam and coconut oils. It contains no synthetic detergents, colourants or thickening substances.

The Conditioner: Softens, detangles and hydrates without aggravating an itchy scalp. It acts like a moisturiser on dry skin – hungry hair literally soaks it up.

I also tried out the body scrub:

frankensciene scrub.jpg

The Dead Sea Scrub:

This chemical-free fusion of 100% Dead Sea salts and Frankincense oil, boosts circulation, smoothes rough, dry skin – leaving it silky and moisturized. Starting from the tips of your toes, scoop up a generous amount, massage all over, then simply rinse away.

This smells lovely and is a very loose, soft scrub formula. The last scrub I used was very hard and thick and clogged up the drain – this one is much better for the drain and leaves the skin looking soft (and also a prequel to the fake tan I have to test? Sigh…)

Anyway, Malki Dead Sea also makes body lotions, salts and soaps, you can view their range here. Highly recommended!

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