Review: Karine Jackson Hair and Beauty Salon

I generally find going to the hairdressers traumatic – too much chatter, weak coffee and hair I totally didn’t want at the end of it. Scary stuff.

So my experience with Karine Jackson’s hair salon began well – I planned to visit whilst I was down in London so they sent me a skin allergy test, to see if I turned nasty on contact with PPD (a chemical in hair dye which turns some people out in terrible rashes):


You apply this to your skin like a tattoo, and wait to see if you have a reaction. I did not, amazingly enough!.


So the main reason I was trying out Karine Jackson’s was for the Organic Colour Systems hair dye. As my regular readers will know, I have a sensitive scalp which I am forever trying new remedies for, so I wanted to try something that is gentle but also effective.

My hair before. Ooohhhhh it was so long! So long! So long! So long!


Anyway, when I arrived, my stylist for the day was the adorable Candace, professional, chatty but not annoying. We decided on the colour by holding a chart under my chin which had warm/cool groups, and colours from reds to blacks to gold to..something else I can’t remember. The point is that the right kind of colour makes your eyes sparkle, makes your skin glow. The wrong kind of colour (on my case a flat black) made my eye circles look worse, made me look tired. The best shades for me were gold, but since we decided that my goal was to get my hair looking healthy again, two shades were going to be mixed together, one a dark brown, the other with some gold undertones in it.

Ooh yes – the coffee and biscuits were fantastic:


I felt a bit guilty as the other half was waiting outside for me as I was drinking latte and munching away on Viennese biscuits but that soon faded away when I remembered how embarrassing he was on the train down, sleeping gaped mouthed in public.

My hair has natural red tones in it (which I am always trying to fight!) but seriously, its too much work! So the dye was mixed, and applied. Candace told me how Organic Care Systems dye has:

1. No Ammonia
2. Is stink free
3. Is kinder to scalps
4. Normal dye has about 8% PPD, Organic Colour Systems has 0.4%
5. The dye is heat activated
6. The dyes can be a little warmer than others, so this is adjusted by the technician


I found the dye to be completely stink free and it felt very comfortable on my scalp. I didn’t have any stinging or pain…it just felt really comfortable and easy to have on my head.


After my colour was rinsed out, Candace set on with the cut. Now – my hair was very very very long, so it was full of split ends. My hairdresser at home was pretty insistent about me keeping my length although it annoyed me how after a cut I was still surrounded with split ends – over drying, over drying meant my hair was spilt end city. So we decided – a good 6 inches to get rid of the tatty ends. Then a general neaten all the way around to get things looking glossy.

The result:


It feels a lot shorter to me, but it is still long. Without a doubt it looks a million times healthier and shiny for once. I am struggling to find a split end on my hair, whereas before it was my hobby at work.

I am also glad I did the dark colour in a professional salon. My previous experience with going dark made me look like Elvira, mistress of the dark and the second experience faded within a week. This Organic Care colour is still rocking, looking strong, flattering and shiny. The Organic Colour products are recommended to preserve the colour and I have reviewed their Aqua Boost shampoo before here.

I saw my Mama and Aunt earlier, ever brutal, and they said it made me look “younger”, “much better” and “less tatty” (the b*tches!).


I would highly recommend Karine Jackson‘s salon and the Organic Colour System dyes – so much kinder to the scalp than others I have tried and also my stylist, Candace.

Salon Info: 24 Litchfield Street, London, WC2H 9NU, Tel: 020 7836 0300, or for more information email:

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  1. Girl says

    Go, your hair looks so gorgeous! I wish I was in London that I could avail myself of Candace’s styling/coloring skills (not that I could afford them, mind you)!

    • Row says

      Why hello Girly! The prices are actually not too bad for central London, infact the prices were quite clost to what one may pay up North where I like since people seem to be parting with £50 for a cut quite easily these days! :o) I’m glad you like it!

  2. Elle says

    Wow, seems like they offer great service.
    Your hair’s beautiful, love the colour!
    May I ask of what ethnicity you are?

    • Row says

      Hiya Elle

      I am Chinese – could you guess?!

      Thank you about the hair. Its feeling a lot more like hair and less like straw! x

  3. louise says

    hello you…wow row you look fab!do you mind me asking how much would this cost?and is it only in london?thanks huni luv lou x

  4. Elle says

    Heh, well, judging from your posts (the products you’re interested in, the many times you mentioned HK, etc), I guessed you’re Chinese.
    Until I saw this post with that last picture!

    It may be in this picture only, but your skin has a more rosy than yellow undertone. And I guess your eye make-up (which by the way is very awesome) really enlarges your eyes, which is also not very typical Chinese.
    No offence, I’m Chinese myself :) (though I’ve met many people who guessed Korean first and Japanese second lulz)

  5. Row says

    Hi Elle

    My skin definately has a rosy tone to it (it actually get VERY rosy through the day). Also everyone thinks I am mixed race as I have quite big eyes and light brown pupils! People guess every race under the sun before Chinese sometimes :o/

    But its ok! It’s quite interesting to see what people say…are you….French-Filippino-Argentinian-English? (I have actually had that before) :)

  6. Wei says

    Row, your hair looks amazing, even in the before photo! Was there any colour in it then?

    • Row says

      Hi Wei!

      Yes, – before my hair was dyed with Kao Prettia dye is Mocha (I think). Owwwwww I miss my long locks sometimes they are like a defensive barrier.

  7. LG says

    I went here a few times and it was OK but had cause to give feedback about a junior who had very long nails and scratched My head. I then went back for my next appointment and was met with hostiity. The hairdresser combed my very long glossy hair to the back so | was unable to see what she was doing. It did not seem to be as good as other visits and was not sitting nicely when I left. However when I got home and looked at it with two mirrors I noted that My hair had been cut right down the whole length in a technique called slithering. The result was that all the body was removed from My already fine hair and the end result was a mass of broken and frizzy hair. I have cried all week and Karine Jackson has just ignored my correpondence about the matter. I cannot believe that someone who has got their own business can behave in this way. She has ruined my hair on a whim and for no good reason. I would urge people to think very carefully when considering to go to this salon. Their behaviour has damaged my faith in their profession
    Read the full review >

    • Row says

      Hi LG

      That’s a shame :( did you ever get a reponse? Did you write them a letter or call them up? Any good hairdresser will make sure any problems are rectified…

      • LG says


        She did reply only to deny any liability. Meanwhile 3 separate hairdressers have confirmed that my hair is mechanically damaged. I have since had to have it all cut off but have taken photographs and have a report. I am considering legal action.

  8. LG says


    Is it possible to post a photo of my hair so that people can see the shocking state of it. She could not have done this in error, she was annoyed with me for complaining previously and purposefully wrecked my hair. She should never be allowed to t rade as a hairdresser again. Lack of regulation enables her to do so.

  9. LC says

    Hi LG,
    I just read of your experience and was shocked, I just subscribed to their newsletter 10 minutes before! I was thinking of treating myself to a new hairdo, not so sure now. I had a bad experience myself a number of years ago when I went to a hairdresser in Crouch End I had to go back to her because she had made a mess of my hair, while she was doing my hair she kept remarking “can anybody hear a ticking noise” I knew where she was going with this so when she eventually came out with ” I hope there isn’t a bomb in here” it was no surprise. (I’m Irish). She was unbelieveably nasty and when it came to blow drying my hair she said I’d have to pay for it as she wasn’t obligated to dry it, I’m ashamed to say I went along with it (I was very young at the time and a lot less confident) I walked home with my wet hair and cried my heart out. Needless to say the hair still didn’t look so hot, but I couldn’t face going back again. If the same thing was to happen to me nowadays I wouldn’t let anyone away with such appalling behaviour. There are not enough regulations to protect the public from people like this. Very unprofessional. I can emphasise with your situation and would be interested to know how you get on.

  10. lg says

    Thank you for your response. I am sorry to hear about your experience but not entriely surprised. Hairdressing does seem to attract its fair share of charlatans. I have done my best to highlight the appalling actions of Karine Jackson. She wrecked my hair and then blocked my emails, passed me to a legal advisor who I then found was not who she claimed to be and finally made threats to me in relation to my complaint. She is the most unscrupulous person I have ever had the misfortune to come across and I am astounded that she has a business at all. I was the only customer on the day I went there which tells you all you need to know. On a previous visit the only other customers were her relatives. I understand that the staff are also relatives which may explain why I treated in the way I was for having complained previously. The two and a half months since this happened have been a nightmare. My beautiful long, healthy hair has been wrecked and my confidence shattered. There is nobody to complain to as the Hairdressing Council have no powers and even if they remove her registration it means nothing as she is free to abuse other clients in the same way as she has done to me. Court action is the only method of redress and she will not have to pay a penny as her insurance company will foot the bill. Good luck with finding a hairdresser, I for one will not have the confidence to visit one anytime soon.

  11. BB says

    I wouldn’t pay any attention to LG – she has a grudge against Karine Jackson and her comments are so far off the mark that her comments have been removed by websites!

    I’ve been going to Karine Jackson since the salon opened (and to Karine before she had her own salon). The atmosphere is warm and friendly. The staff can’t do enough for you – they spend a lot of time talking to you to determine what you want and what would suit you best.

    If you don’t believe me do a search of blogs/reviews for Karine Jackson and I think you will find that the standard of the salon is very high.

  12. BB says

    By the way LG has left messages on many blog sites under various guises (but her work can be easily spotted). Has LG complained to the Hairdressing Council? If so, what were their findings? If the findings supported LG perhaps she should publish them!

    And before you ask I don’t and never have worked for Karine Jackson but I do find LG’s comments offensive as I know that they are so far off the mark that I feel incensed to write these messages.

    I look forward to reading LG’s vitriolic response!

  13. lg says

    My reviews were removed at the request of Karine Jackson as she did not wish anyone to know about her criminal actions. I am not the only client to have problems with this salon, I am told by trichoklogists that it is the worse case they have ever encountered.

    Yes I am very distressed at what she did to me and not without very good reason. Karine Jackson is fortunate not to be facing criminal charges. The hairdressing council investigated this matter and had a meeting with her. However, they have no powers and can only advise legal action in cases such as these. I was told by my legal representatives that Karine Jackson does not own the business and therefore any legal action taken against her and awards made by a judge may not be honoured. Yes, she has liability insurance but given her actions she would in all likelihood not wish the insurer to be involved. So basically she can do as she pleases and you have no redress.

    Any reviews regarding this matter simply outline what has happened to me and nothing else. The guises you refer to are log in details and it is clear that it refers to the same incident as the facts are the same. Strangely there was possibly only one positive review about this salon before this happened to me and now there are many some of which appear on various sites also.

    I would be happy to hear from any former employee of Ms Jackson who was working for her at the time of this incident and is willing to give evidence in this matter to the police. Ms Jackson harmed a client for some petty grievance and with devastating effects. I will never trust a hairdresser again. However, unlike the above alleged genuine reviewer this is totally genuine and the hairdressing council have met me and know that.

    If anyone wishes to deal with this woman then at least they are making an informed decision.

  14. lg says

    With reference to BB’s comments. Please note that there are other bad reviews about this salon before and after mine. The reviews I have posted are easy to spot as it clearly outlines this incident.

  15. Elish says

    I can’t see LG writing bad reviews if she had come out of the hairdressers with a nice hair do. A woman feels on top of the world with a great hair do. Obviously LG had a very bad experience, no one would be bothered to waste time writing about it otherwise, unless they were paranoid, which I very much doubt LG is as she comes across as very lucid & straightforward. Why are there no comments from the hairdresser or the staff? A good hairdresser will try to put things right if you are not happy with your hair, not treat a customer badly as seems to have happened in this case.

  16. AmyC says

    I’ve been going to Karine Jackson’s salon every month since Jan ’12 for my cut and colour and I’ve never had any problems. Everyone seems nice. I love the products they use. They’re not pushy with the up-selling and the juniors do a pretty reasonable, if not particularly spectacular, head massage when you get your hair washed. I’ve never been less than pleased by my hair after a visit. I wouldn’t hesitate to let them know if I didn’t love what they did.