Kate Eyeshadow Palettes & Heated Eye Pads

Made a little Adambeauty Haul this week – just a tidgy one to keep me going. This consisted of Kate Select Eye Quads, which come in brown and black:


As you can see, quite a nice set of graduated shades.

It’s a palette that I thought I could carry around with me in the make up bag – kind of all the shades you need for a smokey eye or a neutral eye. The pigmentation is only so-so though:


I would add a bit of water to make this stand out more though. It’s a nice palette if you are new to make up but because of the lack of pigment it has to be a :


I also picked up this Kao NEKURIZUMU


Vapor Relax Hot Eye Mask

I thought this was a cooling gel mask type thing but very oddly – it’s a heated eye mask! traditionally we only put cooling things on our eyes to refresh right?


The eye patch looks like a sanitary towel:


So you open this up, put the hooks round your ears and it begins to heat up when you place it near your skin. There are three scents, Lavender, Insipid (that’s what it says!) and Yellow Chrysanthemum.

It’s hot patches on your eyes and it shouldn’t work. But as I tried one out today, within 2 minutes I had fallen into a deep sleep – it was so relaxing! it also stays warm for quite a while, and then like an oddball, I pulled it up around my forehead, which is also quite relaxing.

I say:


You can get these here, for about £4.

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  1. Li says

    Oh, it was like a machine, kind of like a humidifier or room ioniser. I’ll have another look, I’ve studied Japanese but not Kanji, so I can only say it looked like that – basically plug it in and it makes you beautiful…

  2. Li says