Butter Face of the Day

Victoria Beckham models Giorgio Armani underwear - pictures - mirror.co.uk.jpg

Butterface – Chick with a nice body but an ugly face.

“Victoria Beckham had an amazing photoshopped body…but her face (butter face).”

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  1. says

    Remember when it was discovered that she uses Japanese nightingale droppings on her skin and every single retailer of the stuff start flogging it, claiming we should buy the stuff because it’s Posh’s ‘#1 Beauty Secret’? Have these idiots seen her skin?

    The person responsible for airbrushing these adverts deserves a medal.

    • Row says

      Hey Pandy

      Oh, Victoria beckham needs to really tip the photoshop artist – a brilliant job here. Oh and apparently she just eats endamame beans – the sales for it went nuts!