Phillip Kingsley Scalp Tonic, Shampoo Products for Itchy, Sore Scalps

I have mentioned before that I have a very sensitive scalp that can be extremely uncomfortable. As a result I wash my hair everyday as I can’t stand any grease or build up, and I find it temporarily solves the irritation.

I have tried many many remedies. Some people presume that if you say you have problems with you scalp this means you have dandruff- this is not so. I have certainly tried all the T-Gel, Tar based shampoos etc and they irritate the hell out of my scalp. I have also tried powder shampoos made of various herbs, high end shampoos from Aveda and Fekkai…nothing has really captured me or offered a good solution to the dreaded itch.

So I was looking again today because my sore scalp. I spotted some products from Phillip Kingsley:

Philip Kingsley Flaky Itchy Scalp Shampoo - Hair Care.jpg

Phillip Kingsley is a Trichologist. Oh yes, he knows his stuff.

I bought this set for £15, which has a 75ml size Shampoo, Conditioner and scalp tonic.


I also picked up a product for the scalp called a ‘scalp mask’ £4 for 30mls


I have been using these products for a week to see if I should invest in the full size, which is around £16 for 250mls each and £12 for the scalp tonic.

I used the mask first 20 mins before shampooing. This was very very tingly, which I quite liked – this products is supposed to help lift off the dead layer of scaly skin.

Next I used the shampoo and conditioner in the pack – it’s funny, as I applied the conditioner, I was thinking to myself – I wouldn’t pay THAT much for a conditioner – a conditioner is a conditioner after all. But after 2 mins of applying the conditioner the comb went through my fizzy mop easily – and boy does my hair get knotted. Then after rinsing throughly, I used the scalp tonic over the scalp and rubbed it in.

So this is not a cheap range, not at all – but I have found it to have had a great effect on my scalp. I can still get a bit itchy but its calmed things down considerably and my hair is cleaner and softer than before. My aim is to have hair I don’t have to wash every single day, so if thats the case I will use less product and so the cost shouldn’t work out to be too much.

I love this stuff!

Phillip Kingsley also has products for other hair types.

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  1. says

    Row, I love you for this article! I must try this!!

    I too have sensitive scalp, and nothing ever works. I also like to dye my hair RED (with various color highlights, purple, pink, blonde, orange, whatever), so washing my hair everyday is such a big nono. On top of that, the red dye is especially irritating to my scalp, so for a week after I dye my hair, I get these nasty big red flakes. After that, my scalp is just so sad, it keeps on shedding.

    I’ve gone blonde (in terms of highlights) recently so I can wash my hair every day without worrying too much about my highlights fading into a weird color.

    Anyhow… I’m definitely going to pick this up. =D

    • Row says

      Hey Gloria

      I too love hair dye – and if I use a permanent I get those scaling flakes too. I’ve tried so many remedies! try the sample size of this kit and let me now what you think :)

  2. Zereen says

    I use the scalp mask too – excellent! Did you know that Kingsley formulated the Urban Retreat hair products available in Boots? The scalp tonic is just as good as his own brand one and only about £7 I think

    • Row says

      Hey Zereen! Thanks for the tip – I have been investigating this. The Urban Retreat seems to have a few more ingredients in it that the Philip Kingsley one but it doesn’t seem to be missing anything :) I will try this out once my small sample sizes run out!