Wednesday Giveaway: 5 x Nailene Studio Nails in Red

Even though I have never used fake nails before, even I oohed when I saw this very shiny deep red stick on nail set from Nailene!  How gorgeous is that red?Nailene red nails

I also love the fact that they are a short, squared nail shape which is quite modern!  I have 5 packs of these to give away. Wanna win?

Simply answer this question in the comments:

Yesterday I ordered a language CD (I chose Arabic) just because I feel like this year, it’s really time to start learning new things and doing things I usually wouldn’t. I chose Arabic because I already studied languages like Spanish and French at school, also I already know a few Chinese dialects! Arabic is something quite challenging and totally different to other languages I’ve encountered.  According to one of my very best friends (who speaks Arabic), I got a gift for that sound you have to make from the throat!

So tell me, you could learn any new language, what would it be and why?

*Winners chosen in 2 weeks

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  1. Rebecca Denyer says:

    I would love to learn Italian as its such a beautiful language and always sounds so romantic

  2. I would definitely go for Italian. I have always wanted to visit Italy but have never been able yet. Amazing food, gorgeous scenery, the best clothes – what’s not to like. Learning Italian would be the perfect reason to visit.

  3. Angela Sandhu says:

    I would love to learn Chinese-i think it sounds amazing

  4. Yvonne Poole says:

    I’d like to learn Spanish, my youngest daughter is learning it at after-school club and it would be nice to help her along the way.

  5. Dejeniera says:

    I’d love to learn to speak Greek and be whisked off to an island, have a summer romance and dance in flowing silk Mamma Mia style.

  6. i would love to learn spanish as it is such a useful language and i think it is nice when going to other countrys to make an effort x