Peri Plastic Tweezers – as useful as a plastic fork?

Last week, my work colleague taught me the phrase “Brain Fart”. According to Urban Dictionary this is:

A spontaneous stupid (Stupid the noun, not stupid the adjective) usually accompanied by loss of train of thought and saying something fantastically stupid without realising it.

I have brain farts constantly, and I was having one when I picked up this item from

cosmetic candy peri tweezers.jpg

I love shopping on Adambeauty and find myself randomly adding cheap tit bits into my cart – like this £4 tweezer. Plastic! Fun! Pink! Useful?….well…..
It looks awfully funky – like it should be a Alessi tweezer. It comes with a clear protective cover too and a variety of colours.

Then I tried it. It has a thick, chunky tweezer head. Because its joined in the middle you can’t really manoeuvre it much. You can’t clamp down….

peri plastic tweezers-1.jpg

It wasn’t crap, it was AWFUL. It couldn’t grasp the hairs and because it so thick, I couldn’t see if I was in the right spot. Its clumpy and didn’t work for me at all – not a single hair removed. What is this for? Extra massive hair? Pubes? Maybe this is a pube tweezer but I didn’t realise.

peri plastic tweezers-2.jpg

Brain Fart = Pointless purchases, made on a regular basis.

This product is on Adambeauty but really, its like…..rubbish.

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