Hauling again: Bésame Enchanting Lipsticks in Red Hot Red, Carmine & Exotic Pink

I didn’t have the best experience with Bésame last week – the lipstick I bought was too frosty and the lip gloss made my lips burn. Nevertheless, it was pay day so along came three more lipsticks (ok I admit it. I ordered them and it was too late to cancel….d’oh!).

besame lipsticks red hot red exotic pink carmine.jpg

This time I picked up 3 shades – Red Hot Red, Exotic Pink and Carmine. I tried to pick out colours I thought were easy of the frostings and were rich and pigmented but as always buying online you never can tell.

When the dinky lipsticks got here, it turned out all my lipsticks were indeed lovely, pigmented, rich creams.

1. Red Hot Red

red hot red Besame lipstick.jpg

A very true, vintage red…

Look after the jump to see lip swatches…2. Exotic Pink

Besame exotic pink lipstick.jpg

A pigmented true hot pink – still looks classy, not a bimbo pink at all.

3. Carmine

Besame carmine lipstick.jpg

Looks like a deep orange on the site, more of an orange toned red in real life.


B3same lipstick red hot red exotic pink carmine.jpg

I wasn’t keen on the frost Debutante Pink, of course, but these three lipsticks are lovely! If you are going to try one of these, make sure you go for one of the creamy formulas in a rich pigmented shade – I guess that is what this brand does best – rich, punchy, pigmented colours.

Anyway, lip swatches –

Exotic Pink. I would wear this with some black liner and thats it. A classy hot pink:

Besame exotic pink enchanting lipstick.jpg

Carmine. Oh my god – how I LOVE this shade. Its a true retro, one of these shades that does completely remind me of Grace Kelly….looks pretty red in the tube and it is red on the lips but has a very strong orange tone to it.

What I love is that its somewhere inbetween the red and orange and it is really spot on for a vintage hue. I also happen to love orange reds!:

Besame carmine.jpg

The creamy lipsticks are gorgeous – not matte, not too shiny. Its moisturising too (and I will know right away if a lipstick is too dry for me as my lips are very very flaky).

Red Hot Red is quite a true red BUT is actually sheerer than I expected. It isn’t a *true* sheer, but there’s a slight sheen to it. It’s not 100% opaque:

Besame red hot red-1.jpg

Once again, a classic red shade (Bésame has lots of reds to choose from) I like this lot too but I am ultimately in love with Carmine as I find the orange-coral tone makes it more wearable for other than day to day situations.

I bought these lipsticks from Cult Beauty for £11 each…it’s not cheap when you consider the size BUT, having now found these colours, they are very pigmented and you only need a bit, plus, it does add to the charm.

I have a red, an orange, a pink and a frost. I think I have coloured all the colour spectrums with this brand!

I will say though, that you need to be careful – the barrel doesn’t look 100% secure to me, plus its a thinner lipstick so apply carefully!

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  1. reezie says


    I come bearing (spelling?!) good news. You can now get Besame Cosmetics at cocobeau.co.uk. I was there buying yet another shade of Weightless Lip Cream (fab!!!. Now I have them all bar one!) and found that they have Besame too. They don’t have the lipsticks that you have reviewed but they have some pretty ‘psoh’ looking ones with a dinky brush, and eyeshadows and toehr stuff too. I feel a flex of the plastic coming on!