Mascara: You like ’em big or small?!

So here I am watching lame television and nursing my poor little finger which I idiotically sliced (it was sliced) open with a Green Giant Sweetcorn tin – damn you easy open tins! How I miss my one touch can opener (yes, boyfriend, you broke and you can replace it here) and Reece Withspoon and her pointy chin pop up to tell me about Avon’s Super Shock Mascara – with biggest brush EVER!

Biggest brush, I thought. Do you need the biggest brush for better application? For a short straight lashed girl like myself, I can’t get too close to the root with a bit brush – a small brush on the other hand fits perfectly.

Large Brush:

Supershock Mascara.jpg

Diorshow is the other one, off the top of my head which has a giant head:


Most of the brushes I have are smaller since they are Japanese, and cater for short lashed gals. The smallest one I can think of that I own is Shu Uemura’s Length and Waterproof, then the obvious brushes made for baby lashes, and are usually on the other end of the mascara tube alongside a standard size brush like Imiju Fiberwig’s and Aube.

Urgh another advert has come on TV for Clearblue pregnancy tests – did you know you can not have a tester that tells you how far along you are and will confirm to you TWICE that you are pregnant?! But, says the lady, “It can’t tell you what sex it is!” – really?! And I though I could finally sack the doctor.

But I digress.

What size brush do you prefer? Does size matter?

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  1. libby says

    I really like the No7 dreamlash brush because of the thin bit for getting the awkard eyelashes and the chunky bit for the rest of it.
    I also like the round givenchy brush, it’s so exciting ^_^

  2. Gigi says

    Hmm. I think I prefer different sizes for different things. I have BeneFit BadGal Lash mascara as well as CG Lash Blast which both have large brushes. I find they’re great for creating dense, lush, thick lashes. But I can never reach the outer or inner corners properly. For that I like Clinique’s Lash Power mascara with the tiny brush. I also use that for my lower lashes, which are pretty much nonexistent.

  3. says

    I prefer smaller brushes. Large brushes usually mean I can’t get as much product onto the base of my lashes. So far I’m liking Cover Girl’s Lash Exact, Blinc, and Kiss Me Heroine in terms of brush size.

  4. Chica says

    I have 2 favourite mascaras and like them for different reasons – Benefit BadGal Lash for volume and Maybelline Define-A-Lash (green) for length.
    I’ve tried using one coat of each to cheat my way to both but it doesn’t work :/ I’ll always be on the lookout for a fancypants mascara that does both but until then I’m happy with using either of the above :)

  5. Row says

    Hi Ibby!

    I keep meaning to get hold of the Givenchy mascara – I nearly did when I checked out their xmas range. Maybe in the future but I tend to buy them and then never use them again – and thats £20 down the drain!

  6. Row says

    Hi Gigi

    I recently bought the lash blast – wow what a huge brush but its not bad, especially if I just hold a piece of card under my lashes – then its not a problem at all.

  7. Row says

    Hey Blu!
    As a fellow short lashed lady, I definately find smaller brushes less fiddly to use. I’ve seen my long lashed friends use the fat brushes and all it takes is one sweep for the faux lash effect *sigh*

  8. Row says

    Hey Chica!

    I think badlash was a bit heavy for my pathetic lashes. Define a lash was pretty good though. I like to layer the Integrate volume and length – wowww that works. The separate one from the range aint as good though.

    Oh what I would do if I had naturally curly long lashes, I’d use any old crap on my lashes and it would look amazing!

  9. jenna says

    hey girls,

    so i still dont know which one is better big or small? ive tryed lash blast the brush didnt help ive tryed a small brush and i poked my eyes out i dont know what kni of brush to get can you help me?