Eyeko Long & Luscious Lashes VS Bobbi Brown Lash Glamour Lengthening Mascara Review

I am a bit of mascara whore at the moment, using one for a week, getting bored the discarding it for something else.

My newest mascara lust is Bobbi Brown Lash Glamour Lengthening Mascara (which I will do a full review for later). I saw this on a You Tube video and ended up slapping down £17.50 for a tube of this at my local BB counter.

Obviously, my first thought was how similar it looks to Eyeko’s Long & Luscious Lashes mascara!



Both come in similar tubes – I love the tube idea, means you can control the amount to apply. Both are decently packaged, no winner here.

Quantities – you get slightly more with the Bobbi Brown:

0. 3oz in the Bobbi Brown
0.28 oz in the Eyeko

The Brush!

Very important is the mascara brush. Both of these brushes have a spiral style comb,with wide gaps that tends to put quite a lot of product on the lashes. This is ok….if you have the kind of lashes that can take it and if you have a brilliant formula!

The Eyeko brush is thinner than the Bobbi Brown one. The BB is a bit more bristly than the Eyeko but I found the Eyeko easier to use because it’s that bit smaller.


Color wise, the BB mascara is called “smoke” which implies it’s a dark grey – but it is black. Eyeko’s is black. Side by side they look pretty much the same, both are quite dark and give a decent colour:


Formula is very important of course. Both of these mascara focus on ‘length’ as opposed to volume. Both do lengthen, but one does a much better job in my opinion.

I found that both of these formulas (when new) are a little on the wet side.

I’ve used a photograph of Eyeko from when I first got the bottle (to make it fair as the Bobbi Brown is brand new). So the angles aren’t perfect for side by side comparison, but I hope it is of some use.

2 coats of each mascara:



Eyeko adds a lot of length, it is quite dramatic and nice to use. It also does a good job of holding and emphasising curl which is great for something that is quite a wet formula. I found that the Eyeko starts to go clumpy after about a month.

Bobbi Brown:


Hmmm. Bobbi Brown’s formula I found, was heavier and clumpier than Eyeko’s. It added more volume but not enough length. It also weighed down my lashes a lot so there is not way it will hold curl.

I just found the brush quite big and cumbersome – hence I kept getting it on my eyelids.


I am all for posh make up, but in this case, paying more didn’t get me better results – prices: £8 for Eyeko* and £17.50 for Bobbi Brown.

*£8 isn’t really that cheap, I’ve noticed that even drugstore/highstreet mascara’s cost a fortune these days!

I suspected there would be little difference between the two products, there is actually quite a big difference and I would say the Eyeko is far better for creating a clump free lengthening effect.

Eyeko wins! You can buy Eyeko here but it’s currently out of stock.

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  1. great review :)
    I really want to try the eyeko one!heard quite a few good things about it!

  2. Haha! The Bobbi Brown does nothing to warrant £17.50. I’ve tried the Eyeko one years ago, I think when the brand launched. It didn’t do much for me, but looks really good on you! Formula change maybe.
    Also, it’s a little odd that two brands have such similar wands/packaging?

    • Hi H

      I wonder if they come from the same factory – fair enough if the tubes are the same, but the brushes too!?

  3. Hey great review.

    I am always on the look out for that perfect mascara, I hate to think about the amount of money spent and mascara wasted looking for ‘the one’ I must be a marketers dream, as with every new ad for longer, thicker luscious lashes I am straight out there buying the mascara. And still I am on the search!

    I to have tried Bobby Brown’s mascara and was really impressed initially but then after a couple of wears like your picture it became clumpy.

    I have never tried any Eyeko products, funnily enough I was only checking out their website this week. I will definitely be popping back to their website and buying this mascara when it’s back in stock!

    • Hi H

      I haven’t found the perfect mascara yet – I’ve found some great ones but they were too hard to remove!

      Eyeko mascara is good. I would purchase one for sure but since I am a mascara junkie…I think I might spend a lifetime looking!

  4. LOL eyeko beating BB! OMG! Glad to love this day! HAHHHAHA

  5. LOL eyeko beating BB! OMG! Glad to live this day! HAHHHAHA

  6. It’s good to see proof that high end products doesn’t mean it’s better than the more affordable ones!
    And yes, I have also noticed that prices for drugstore brands are shooting…I mean some if you calculate by amount of product might cost even more than MAC or other well know brands! :S I find it strange and baffling…
    On to my question, have you tried the L’Oreal Extra Volume Collagen? I just want another opinion on it since I found it helped me discovered the lashes I never saw on my eyes haha

    • Hi Paige

      One mascara I haven’ttried is Extra Volume Collagen! I dunno, mascara’s that are quite THICK tend to weigh my lashes down unless I have had a lash perm. I am totally jealous if you can use a thick, volume mascara that suits your lashes!

      Yeah I was shocked. I bought a L’oreal mascara to review, it was £10.99!!!!!! WHAT?!

  7. btw, noticed that the link for “Eyeko here” leads you back to this entry, just in case you didn’t intend for it to be that way

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