Muji for beauty accessories

Muji is a Japanese shop full of simplistic home, kitchen, bathroom and clothing goodies. Even though the style is minimalistic, they always seem to have lots of lovely designs and random bits of stuff to die for.

The other half loves Muji for men’s clothing and I like it for kitchenware (like my sideways fridge jug) and stationary. I also love their acrylic storage items.

Muji is also great for beauty supplies! They have a lot of soaps and general beauty upkeep items, like facial cloths, empty spray/squeeze bottles, stackable pots, pumice stones, hair bands and clips, nail tools etc.

I went today and picked up some goodies!

A bag of 30 cosmetic sponges:


There’s two shapes inside:


Cost £3.95 – not bad for so many sponges.

I also got:


A small empty spray bottle I am going to fill with water for wetting the sponges for application and a bottle of hand sanitizer – crucially without any alcohol in it (no stingies). £2.25 and £2.50 respectively.

Finally I got some ear buds!


Not a normal ear bud, might I add. These are extra thin, meaning they are great for cleaning up smudges under the eyes. The fibers are also very tight, so you don’t get any bits of fluff caught on your lashes or in your eye.


These were about £2.25 and they are refillable (it comes in a hard plastic tub).

Yup it’s all mundane stuff, but it made my day!

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