Illamasqua Haul! (again)

I seem to be unable to resist Illamasqua at the moment. Here is another haul:

Gimp (pure matte black) and Fatal (deep matte purple):


I was concerned about how so many of the shadows from Illamasqua are matte. I asked Leena, who is a senior artist on Illamasqua in Manchester and she said the creator, Alex Box wanted to create a range that was suitable for all age ranges. Older people or anyone with overly crepey eyes can struggle with shimmers so the idea is that anyone can use the mattes and add shimmer on top if necessary.

There are shimmers in the eyeshadows and the pigments are shimmery too.


Matte shadows really help to create quite a sophisticated, understated look methinks. Not that I’m rejecting the shimmer – I am practically made of shimmer!

Victory Nail Polish:


Illamasqua nail polishes are HOT. They are quite thick though and I quite like this as it makes it easier to control. They have some neon shades on the counter I have my eye on.

Cream Blush in Lies:


This was a little too sheer for me and was more of a pinkish highlight. May work better as a blush on people with lighter skins.

Matte Powder Blush in Mischief:


I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this powder. It is the most perfect face-warming-bronzing-contour shade for my skintone (MAC NC30-35 – I dunno why I use MAC foundation shades as a guide as I don’t even use them but I have been matched up in the past!). Anyway, Michief is matte, so you won’t overdose in shimmer, its the perfect shade for adding some shape to the face, warms the complexion and adds some cheekbones. I believe there are various tones of brown to suit lighter and darker complexions – mine just happens to be this one.

Lip Gloss in Drag:


I have 2 of the Intense lipglosses now. Drag is really nice, a very bold, bright red. You could sheer it out – it is only gloss at the end of the day but I like it. Apply with some lipliner though and a lip brush, its so pigmented.

Brushes – Lip Brush and Highlighter


I am really liking Illamasqua brushes – I have SO MANY make up brushes that I have sworn to not buy any more unless they offer something different to what I already have.

I love their powder, highlight and blush brushes – they are quite firm and rounded rather than the usually huge fluffy brush so you can do a controlled application. I didn’t have anything else like this – and the lip brush is also quite firm and I like the shape of the tip which makes it easy to do corners.

Lipstick in Sonnet:


Like I mentioned before, I really like Illamasqua lipsticks – they are largely matte, very soft and pigmented. Sonnet is a light nude peach – just my cup of tea and as you will see from the photos, very nudey but not on a horrid liver lips way. I do recommend getting your favourite shades in the lipstick form. I have a lip palette, its lovely but as it’s quite bit, inconvenient for reapplication and a little harder to break into.

FOTD, using all of the products above, and Illamasqua Satin Primer, Cream foundation:


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Oh and one more posterity.

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    • Row says

      Hey Tasha!

      this brand is really making waves over here (UK) I think it won’t be long before it goes worldwide!

  1. sue says

    Love the lipstick!!!
    What blush are you wearing?
    I hope the brand comes to North America soon 😀

    • Row says

      Hey Sue!

      Well I know Illamasqua are having lots of roll outs in the UK this year so it could be in the US by next year? Exciting.

      Blush….it was a mixture of Illamasqua Lies with MAC Fun & Games I believe :)

  2. Elizabeth says

    That cream blush looks absolutely beautiful. Have been lusting over a cream blush for spring and this one has caught my eye. My skin is NC15 so think it’ll show up on me?! Am going home for easter so will let you know what I think when Ive gone to selfridges! x

    • Row says

      Hi Elizabeth

      Definately let me know and have a make over too! The counter near me should be getting their cameras soon :) Yes, I would have though on a NC15 LIES will look far more like a sugar-cool-pink on you than on me….

  3. says

    Is the piccie you?
    I love lip gloss… I have to find some new ones. The Sally hansen I use is running out. I’ve always been one for matte eyeshadows… I don’t think I could pull off the shimmer. Plus I have traumatic memories of being 11 years old and wearing sparkly eyeshadow… the sparkles in the eyeshadow covered my face and got everywhere.

    • Row says

      Hi Abby

      That is indeed half of my face!! See I am normally shimmer all the way but I am learning to love matte. Shimmer does make your eyes POP, to much makes me look froggy.

      I live in a 100% sparkle covered household. It gets EVERYWHERE and you will never get rid of it completely!!!

  4. mandypandy says

    I think the blush looks great on you, to be honest. It gives you a neutral flush.