Bargain Alert: Pixi Cosmetics from £1.99!


If I am going to successfully quit my make up addiction then I need to stop aimlessly surfing the net looking for potential purchases!

Here’s my latest bargain find – Pixi Cosmetics from a place called Direct Cosmetics.

They have a whole load of Pixi Make Up (I am guessing its because the brand have got some new packaging and are getting rid of old stock) from £1.99!

The highest price I saw was £5.99 for the multi eyeshadow palettes so its all very affordable.

pixt cat.jpg

This is a pixi bob tail cat, just incase you think I’ve gone mad

I can’t rate the shop just yet as this is the first time I’ve bought from them but the site looks pretty comprehensive and professional.

I think Pixi is a super cute brand although in my opinion, its totally overpriced at its retail price in the UK. But for these prices its a bargain! I’ve tried their smokey eye kit and have a few of their palettes.

What I bought:

I bought a lipliner, three eyeshadow trios, two lip boosters, one Wake Up Eye Kit, Velvet Rouge in Apricot (highly recommended – its a cream blusher) and a eye bright kit. It came to £27 plus £3.95 shipping (£1.70 basic rate plus 25p per item – you cannot be charged more than £3.95).

Total Spent: £31.86 for 9 items. The Wake Up Eye Kit used to be £26 full price so its a good deal!

You can shop here! I will update on my order when it arrives – I think it takes 3 to 5 days.

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  1. liloo says

    omg, how good is that. very tempting. now i am scared the whole stock is going to go before I can place order when i get home tonight. thanks for the heads up x