Eyelash Extension Update!

Thought I’d give you guys a bit of an update on the Eyelash Extensions I had put in on in Feb.

They have lasted ages and ages despite me not having time to look after them and generally being quite rough. The lashes have now started falling out so I though I’d show you what it looked like….

A lash extension:

lash extensions .jpg

Its amazing to see the difference in size and length between my natural lash and the fake one! Looks like a heavy weight for my poor lash to carry!

lash extension.jpg

As I’m not having these filled in (which you would do if you fancied it) you can start to see the gaps in the lashes.

See more pics!

The fake lashes are the long, dark ones and my own lashes are barely visible. I can’t tell if the fake lashes have affected the condition of my natural ones just yet…

To be honest, they still look quite good from a distance – still long and curly:

lash extensions-3.jpg

On my other eye – I have some misdirected lashes here, as you can see. However, they’ve really stood fast on this eye!

lash extensions-1.jpg

So what do you think? Would you get lash extensions?

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  1. Lashproducts UK Ltd says

    Oh dear, I’m sorry to say, but…Yes, it may looked good at first and last for good time, but … wrong curl for your own lash (it should be J or B, you have D-curl and bonding is bad), also it is wrong thickness for your own lash (should be 0.15, or mix thickness 0.10 and 0.15 or 0.15 and 0.20) your own lashes are quite thin), as you have said: “Looks like a heavy weight for my poor lash to carry”. Fake Individual lash should be only 30% heavy than your own lash, otherwise you may end up (after 3 months) with very thin, very short lashes and bold gaps between them. Thick lash should be only done for special occasions – weddings, photo shootings, etc.

    • Row says


      I did actually have very thin, sparse lashes after this experience :( I won’t be using a thick lash again…

  2. IrenaN says

    Your master…well it’s even wrong to call her master, really didin’t know anything about eyelashes extentions! Fake eyelashes have different kind of curl, its specially made for different kind of real human lashes! And you abviously don’t have that curve, what did she applied to you! That why there is difference of lenght! Even if you would strongly prefer to have your lashes very curvy, your master would need to advice you for making chemical curling before this treatment! Also you should be able to choose more thinner fake eyelashes then you have at yours. Its makes look them more natural for everyday look and wouldn’t be so heavy for your natural lashes.
    And at the last – im master who making this treatment, and i had 2 years in the row fake eyelashes extentions, so i wanna say to everyone- if you do this procidure the same long time as i did, probably your eyes would look the same as her at last pictures. (And even then you would need hardly to rub your eyes!) Coz fake eyelashes are applied to most strong your natural eyelashes. And when u lost them, your new ones dont have time enought for growing up. But for nice hollydays,proms or weddings its best to choose eyelash extentions for looking the best you can at that days and make everyone envy you!:P

    sorry for my english. cheers