Ministry of Waxing: SOS Saving Virgin Forest Rescue Kit!

I never thought I’d say that waxing is addictive but it kind of is.

Especially bikini waxing – although to be honest, it’s not the kind of pain I can inflict on myself on a regularly. I prefer that a professional – and I mean a real professional do it.

I have an appointment with Ministry of Waxing next week – will report on that later but before then I have a rather cool kit from them to show you!  The Saving Virgin Forest SOS Kit! What’s inside the box?

SOS Saving Virgin Forest REcue Kit ministry of wax

Ice cream, a chimp and a purple scrubber. Read on…

Here you go.

Ice Cream is the Ministry of Waxing’s after hair removal cooling cream. Apparently they use this after your wax and you can also purchase it for £21 as a calming cream.  It removes the sting, and can be used on pimples and razor rash.

You get a squeezy chimp – I did wonder why but research tells me this is what you get to squeeze when you are waiting to be waxed! Cute!

The scrubber thing is of course is good for all over exfoliation:

Ministry of Wax Ice Cream Waxing KitThe cooling lotion, Ice Cream is very good.

It really does smell like Ice Cream (99 if you must know) with a medium texture…it’s neither oily nor too thin, it sinks in quickly but still hydrates.

Ministry of Waxing Kit Ice Cream

For me it’s a nice change from the usual after wax hair products. For example I have used Tend skin and PFB Vanish – both ok but sting my sensitive skin and are very drying. Ice Cream makes a nice change because it’s soothing and calms everything down.

Ice Cream Ministry of Waxing 1

It does have a mildly cooling feeling although it’s not the coolest feeling – I think you can put it in the fridge if you want something extra chilly!  I’d rather have the mild chill rather than use a product containing menthol or peppermint to give that coldness….

The texture is really good! I think I will put this in my bag when I do the waxing just in case I need top ups.

Ministry of Waxing Ice Cream Hair Remover

Verdict: I really like Ice Cream as a after hair removal cream! I actually just like it for any sore bits.  Visit for more info.

*I was sent this by PR for consideration

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