Jane Iredale 3 Step to a Flawless Face: Hydration Spray & Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation Review

Jane Iredale is a name that is always mentioned when one talks about mineral make up; true, I have never been the biggest fan of it; I find it can look chalky on the skin, and at worse, make my dry skin look ridiculously flaky.

Still, I know a lot of ladies that love it and to be honest, I am pressed for time in the mornings. I’d love to have time to get up and do my hair, do my make up properly with primer, liquid foundation and powder, but I just need to get up and go.

Thus, Jane Iredale’s 3 step system was irresistible!

Jane Iredale Hydration Spray SPF20 Pure Pressed Mineral Powder

The extremely easy flawless face routine goes like this; one of their sprays, a powder foundation (they do loose, pressed) and a suitable brush.  It’s quite flexible – you can adjust according to your preferences.  You can buy the separately too, of course.

My picks?

The D20 Hydration Spray which is calming and hydrating.  It smells of Ylang Ylang and is lovely to use.

I wanted something I could use on the go so picked the Pure Pressed Base Mineral Foundation SPF20.  There is no talc, parabens, il or other nasties in this.

They have Kabuki brushes but I picked The Handi Brush. This has a shorter handle so it’s easy to carry around and is made of goat hair. The design is perfect for the Pressed Mineral Foundation.

Jane Iredale Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation Golden Glow

At first I wondered if the packaging is slightly dated.  I guess it’s quite simple – BUT – it is super heavy weight. There is nothing cheap about this case- if it wasn’t as hefty as it is, it would feel cheap but it’s weighs as much as a gold bar (yes, I have a stash I use as doorstops).

The brush is great – it’s quite light – oh how I would love it if there was a retractable version of this! It’s a flat top brush and one of the best I have used for powder foundation.  There was no moulting at all from the brush.  What I will say is that you literally need the lightest sweep with it – it’s so dense – otherwise tons of powder comes loose in the compact.

Jane Iredale The Handi

I was sent Golden Glow to try. Here are the shades:

Jane iredale Mineral Makeup Mineral Foundation Pressed Powder

It was difficult choosing a shade blind! Yes I have a warm skintone but it can also be neutral in some brands.  Luckily Golden Glow was fab, not too yellow for my NC35 skintone.

Jane Iredale Mineral Foundation

I am glad this doesn’t contains lots of horrible ingredients – my skin does look better for it – I break out easily from overly thick foundations.

Foundation Ingredients:

Jane Iredale Pressed Mineral Foundation 1

Jane Iredale Hydration Spray:

Jane Iredale D20 Hydration Spray

I have been using this routine which takes no more than 2 minutes a day for the last month.

Why? Because I have no time and I need a flawless base fast. The fact the ingredients are good comes secondary for me, but it is a massive bonus, and it may be the most important factor for you when choosing base make up.

So I just spritz the spray over my face – I like to do 4 sprays because I find a nice wet base makes the powder adhere well. I then dip the brush in and swirl it on my face. Takes seconds. No streaks and amazingly enough covers redness. Pore coverage is good although not it’s primary strength.


Jane Iredale is not cheap by any means and if you want all 3 items, it’s an investment but well worth it.  Also – by the end of the day my redness has broken through and I need a top up.  This happens to me with all bases though.

In terms of oil control – I think because I use quite a lot of spray, I get that glow about 5 hours in. If you are oily you need to choose a lighter spray and use less, then I think it should last well – if not you can top up and it’ll only take a min…

On me:

Jane iredale foundation Pressed mineral


I would definitely buy this product when it’s run out and even if I use a liquid base, I’d use the powder to set it because I like the dewy glow.  I do like other powder foundations (such as MAQUIllage) HOWEVER I find Asian powder foundations are chalkier because they have to work hard to absorb oil in humid climates.  The Jane Iredale is softer and is more forgiving.

I christen thee the best mineral make up I have used so far.

See the range at Feel Unique.


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  1. Jen says

    I bought the Bare Escentuals mineral powder foundation in Sephora to try a few years ago and absolutely loved the finish it gave, but I’ve not got round to ever repurchasing…reading this post makes me wanna revisit mineral foundations again :) I love the finish this one has on you