Review: Chanel Blanc Essentiel Light Reflecting Whitening Powder Foundation SPF 25

I have a rather large collection of Powder Foundations and I don’t know why – my skin is normally to dry to carry these off effectively, instead making my look flat and cakey.

There is my Albion Exage Extra Moisture Chiffon Foundation, (which is my HG powder foundation – this is the only one I have ever used that I think is even close to a true stand in for liquid foundation & powder).

But the Chanel Blanc Essentiel Whitening Powder Foundation caught my eye ages ago I wanted to try it out.


This did not come for cheap, at $79.99 from – you see this is an Asia special product.


Sorry about the rubbish photos I took these a while ago. The case is white instead of the classic black which I quite like! it doesn’t show finger marks too easily.


This has a SPF of 50 and is designed for Asian skins in that it has quite a yellowy base. It is also a LIGHT range in general – I choose shade 50, the darkest one and it is fine for my NC35 but if you are any darker, forget it.


The main thing about this powder is that it isn’t creamy feeling – it has a very hard texture and is certainly more of a powder than a foundation. Despite this bizarre hardness and slight dry texture (I am guessing the powder is formulated for the hot, humid Asian climate, which makes women sweat, hence the dryness) it doesn’t actually look cakey on.

The coverage is light, can be buildable to medium but I think it errs on the side of chalky if you layer it too much. Don’t get me wrong – this is Chanel baby, it does look very good – it is not as good as my Albion. If you are a sweaty betty, this one really suppresses the oilies.


I will use this when it gets hotter and I get oiler and need more shine control (weirdly enough the warm weather has been really drying my skin out). Its not a bad product but certainly not for everyone.

Hey, I need a holiday so then I get to use this compact. It works out, I promise.

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