I bow to Shiseido: MAQuillage Lighting White Powdery UV Foundation Review

I have a serious foundation problem.  There I said it. I can’t stop hauling foundations; cream, stick, powder, gel…

It was MAQUillage’s extremely pretty packaging that made me pay attention to their newest foundation release (and they are always releasing new base products for the different seasons) – Lighting White Powdery UV Foundation.

Don’t expect the names of a lot of Japanese beauty products to make perfect sense – sometimes they just don’t.

MAQUillage Lighting White Powdery UV Foundation

I don’t even like powder foundation! But powder foundations are hugely popular in Asia where the climate is hot and humid.  It makes perfect sense since a powder base will last longer, absorb sweat and oil etc.

Shiina Ringo, a Japanese singer/rock star is the face of this brand and she looks so, so, so good for her age. But she strikes fear into my soul. Mr C is a fan of hers and I’ve had to listen to her squeaky voice on and off for a few years now. Check the end of the post to see what I am talking about.


A powdery foundation formulated with Glow All-over Powder that lights-up your skin to create a translucent, pure-white finish.
Absorbs only sebum to prevent makeup wearing-off. Formulated with Pure White Essence* to nourish, smoothen and brighten your skin with continuous use.

Do not be put off by the word ‘powdery’ – it’s just the description, it won’t be chalky.

This comes in 6 shades and has a SPF of 25.

MAQUillage Powder Lighting UV White Foundation

Shiseido MAQUillage’s darkest shade is OC30 which is a decent enough match for my skintone, depending on the product.  I found their stick foundation was way too ashy, but this foundation is more yellow so works better.

This comes with a mirror and a sponge. The foundation is refillable and you can buy other formula’s from MAQUIllage and put it in the case.

This is a whitening foundation and whilst I don’t believe for one second it will whiten my skin, it’s also not usually an area I am interested in (whitening).  However I am really interested in brightening my skin and evening it out so that I get rid of pigmentation. If these products help a bit, then great! But I do love being olive.

MAQUillage Powdery UV Foundation

The texture of this foundation is superb! I used the word superb!

It’s just so soft, and pigmented, and creamy. For a moment when first applied it looks like powder, then very quickly settles in to give a gorgeous soft finish with lots of coverage for pores, redness and minor scars.  It blends like a dream.

Lasting power – I don’t know, I’d say it could do with a touch up 6 hours in and that’s with dry skin so if you are oily, perhaps this won’t control oil for a really long time.

Now – whilst it matches my skintone, it also adds some brightness to it. I don’t think it leaves a ghastly white cast on my face at all, it just looks ‘bright’ and even, but bear in mind it will leave you with this kind of finish.

Before – no make up on, do excuse the pores, the redness – my skin was very sensitive at this point:


With one quick layer applied – I love the result.  It settles in without looking powdery, really evens out the skin, covers pores…and it just…great.  Trust MAQUillage!

MAQUillage Powdery Foundation

NOTE: There’s no foundation on my eyes, so they look more ‘yellowy’!


Fierce powder foundation, brilliant finish and great coverage for pores and redness. Must recommend if it can match your skin colour.

This is what Mr C would make me listen to in the car…I am sure Shiina has other less…squeaky songs:

<iframe width=”425″ height=”349″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/-GqdfFKSw80″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

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  1. says

    It sounds fabulous! Probably wouldn’t work too well on my oily skin, but I’m tempted to try it anyway 😛

    My favorite Shiina Ringo song is koko de kisu shite: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ICpP_mwrhA
    But I admit that she’s screechy. Still, I love the way she works this song. I can’t believe she wrote it when she was 17!

    • Row says

      Hey Kuri

      I don’t think this has amazing oil control….I mean I look a bit sweaty and I have dry skin half way through the day with this. How old is Shiina?!

  2. Rid says

    Omg squeee! Finally a review on this foundation! :)
    I am a huge Shiina fan, and she got me interested in this foundation however, I couldn’t find a matching colour. :(

    • Row says

      Hey Rid!

      SHAME! Their base products are so good but I guess the colour selection is specific :( Quite yellow and light.

  3. Shannon says

    is this the same one with the japanese advertisement about “i’m a virgin”? Lol when i was in japan that CM/song kept going off on tv that it totally got stuck in my head, and i ended up having to buy the foundation just because of the CM x____x

    out of curiosity, how did you apply it? I usually swipe with the sponge into the pan, then pat onto my skin, but i’m wondering if that dispenses too much onto my skin.

    • Row says

      Hi Shannon

      YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS that one! It’s kind of annoying (the ad!).

      I just swipe half a sponge over the pan then spread it out starting from the centre of my face. Have you seen the MAQUillage site? they have a guide on how to apply (they think of everything Japanese sites!). I don’t think you need much at all!

  4. Jen says

    WOWSERS…great coverage and lovely finish from a powder foundations…plus the compact is so pretty!!

  5. says

    Ahhh I think I have to check this one out 😀 I love powder foundations because yes I live in the hot humid tropics of asia!

  6. says

    ah, I should probably pass on the foundation then.
    Shiina’s 32 now – so the video is from when she was 26. geez, really? Man, I gotta stop slouching around.

  7. Gloria Ly says

    Thanks for this review! I was thinking of checking out some of these japanese pact foundations but I was wondering whether you know if most of these (high-end) japanese compact cases are interchangeable between brands? There are some beautiful cases I’ve seen that do not neccesarily coordinate with the foundation I want to try out. Of the refills you have, are most of them the same size? For example, I was thinking of getting this maquillage foundation but putting it in a visee/primavista case. Will that work or should I just stick to one brand for the case and refill?