Make it shine! Schwarzkopf OSiS Shine Duster Velvet Shine Powder Review

Matte powders have been around for a while, and as innovative and useful as they are for building volume they’re not really my thing in the sense that I would always choose shiny hair over matte hair.

So I was pleased to try out this Schwarzkopf OSiS Shine Duster Velvet Shine Powder.

They say:

Osis Shine Duster is the first velvet-soft texturising powder for hairstyling which gives instant shimmer-shine and soft movement to the hair. Shine Duster has an innovative powder consistency that transforms into a creamy fluid when rubbed into the hair with the hands.


This powder turns to a soft liquid when you rub it between your hands. Rake it through dry hair and it gives you a greater shine and shimmery finish.

Here is the powder:


This powder also gives your hair a bit of texture and adds a bit of volume at the roots. It definitely adds shine to your hair:

I was a bit worried the powder would just sit on the top my head looking clumpy or leaving a white layer. I prefer this over most sprays/glossing serums because it’s just not heavy at all.


My hair after the Shine Duster:


A really nice shine fix! It’s also quite compact and easy to carry around. Definitely worth trying if you find other shine products don’t really work for you.

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  1. Sarah says

    The OSIS+ products look really interesting! I really want to try their volumising straightening lotion, but the shine duster looks really cool too! Do you know how much it is?