Waterproof, High SPF30 Coverage: Fasio Zero Expert UV Concealer Review

Fasio is not a brand I buy very often; I dunno it has a slightly cheap feel to it, but their new Zero Expert (yes, Zero Expert…) range is a collection of high SPF base products.

There’s a SPF50 Primer, a powder and this concealer, which is SPF35.

Check out the guy with the 90s permed bob:


Anyway I bought the concealer in the end, even though I have millions of concealers because there are lots of benefits to this product:

1. High coverage
2. SPF 30
3. It’s waterproof
4. Unscented


This comes in a pen form and comes in 2 shades. I chose 01 because I wanted to use this under my eyes (to be honest I thought it was a sponge tipped concealer originally rather than the denser pen type concealer).

02 is a warm beige and would be better for my face…#alttext#

So at first glance, there’s nothing that interesting about it. 01 is a fairly light beige, yellow based, that would be great for fair skins or for under the eye area.

It’s a nice concealer. It’s creamy and pigmented and it doesn’t need any warming up to get the product going. I was concerned it would be too thick for under my eyes.


Here is my tired eyes and dark circles. Like I said, I wanted something for under the eyes because I think the SPF30 is excellent sun protection for the eye area and it’s also waterproof for pool days.





This concealer works really well, better than I thought it would and leaves a soft, even, non cakey finish. I think I could get away with it on certain parts of my face too, especially around darker areas (nose, wrinkles) to lift the area a little.

Recommend this concealer totally, great if you want to get some SPF into your make up.

I bought this from eBay for £11.

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  1. Jen says

    haha…that guy with the 90’s side perm is Matsumoto Jun, from one of my favourite Japanese bands, Arashi, plus he’s in a lot of J-dramas! I’d probably buy it just for that fact alone lol oh dear that makes me sound really sad!
    It does look like a really good undereye concealer on you though, really brightened up the eye area and doesn’t look too thick or cakey…how is it at the end of the day, does it cake at all?

  2. says

    1st of all, i dont tink u have any dark eyes ^^
    i’ve saw fasio b4 but i have neva tried any of its stuffs, but now i want this concealer too! currently using shu uemura cream pro concealer and canmake liquid concealer

  3. Tala says

    This sounds like a fab concealer, especially since I haven’t found my HG yet! Unfortunately, Fasio got pulled out of department stores in Manila, and I hate buying concealers without trying them on personally first. :(

    Which would you recommend for NC25?

  4. says

    LOL I love MatsuJun, but his Fasio CMs make me rofl. Plus, I’m not so into Fasio either.
    I might check this concealer out, thanks for the review!

  5. says

    Fasio’s image and packaging have never been terribly attractive to me, although they did have some fun liquid liners.
    However, a concealer with SPF is a great idea, so I’ll definitely check out this product. My Mac concealer is a bit too light for me, so maybe I’ll try this in the darker color and mix the two, heh.