Suri Cruise wears Beaute Masochist Weightless Lip Creme

Well ok, I lied. I have no idea what she is wearing. But when I saw this picture of little Sci, the first thing I thought was:


You know, that gloriously beautiful, vampy glossy red that is drop dead to look at but can look hoochie if you ain’t careful?

Suri Cruise risks frozen toes as she and mum Katie Holmes brave a snow blizzard in New York | Mail Online.jpg

My second thought is how much she looks like Tom Cruise (to me anyway).

Anyway….if I were there I’d get a tissue and wipe off that red from her lips and replace it with something a bit more suitable, like chocolate fudge skittles lip balm or something!

Complete this sentence….

“If I saw Suri Cruise with this glossy red lip colour on I would……”

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  1. Elena says

    Tell the stupid mother to have some authority over her kid and take away the high heels and the lippies.

    • Row says

      Hi Elena

      The heels I find disturbing. For everyday is just weird. For dance, perhaps but for shopping is just weird!

  2. says

    She really does look like Tom.

    ‘If I saw Suri Cruise with this glossy red lip colour…I’d tell her mama to set some bloody boundaries. Age appropriate ones.’

    • Row says

      Hi Grace

      She looks like tom! Everyone always says her dad is Chris Klein but I think shes the spitting image of tom.

  3. says

    … think that little girls will be little girls, and that they love to emulate their mother’s ‘grown up makeup’. And that in the long run it’s probably not going to do much harm for her to play around with lipgloss for one night.

    • Row says

      Hi Samantha

      Thats true girls do tend to play with their mums make up – but when I did it as a kid I would most definately be made to wash it off before leaving the house, ESPECIALLY if it was a red lipstick!

  4. says

    This is quite sad to see, I know little girls like to have their fun streaked in their mum’s makeup or trying on high heels but it just seems constant for this little girl. I hate to be an opinionated know-it-all (do i really?) but this is just wrong..

  5. Li says

    She’s cool, I like the fact she does her own thing, why should it be judged morally? She definitely has Tom’s brow.