Kelly Brook Sacked

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Poor Kelly Brook. Sacked after just 6 days of Britain’s Got Talent – but as one of my eye witnesses at one of the shows said, “She looks like she’s made of plastic and she’s such an airhead” (this is a Man who said this by this by the way).

Nevermind, it was fun while it lasted. I wonder how much money she’ll get paid for 6 days work? Enough for a nice uplifting bra, I think.

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  1. says

    I like Kelly Brook myself; she’s like a less judgmental Nigella Lawson, but with even less discernible talent. Plus, she’s fit.

    Well, at least we know her tits are real; Britain’s Got Talent should have kept her on for one more day, simply for that!

    • Row says

      Hey pandy

      I feel pretty bad for her now she must be pretty embarassed – it didn’t last long at all. Shame really even if she was a crap judge we could have laughed at her!