Beauty Book Review – Bobbi Brown, Beauty

This was Bobbi’s first book, and she has released other ones since this one, but I do love looking at this one because it is her first and captures the essence of her make up.

There is something about her Make Up – the soft caramels and plums on the counter, that Make Bobbi Brown a comforting brand. If I wanted to be a beautiful bride I would hire Bobbi Brown (or Laura Mercier, come to think of it…)

Being a fan of outrageously bright and true colour, I don’t often buy Bobbi Brown make up except for the shimmerbricks and I also love the new trios released for fall (deep metallic in a blue or green, brown or charcoal palette).

I understand Bobbi’s philosophy of natrual beauty, about enhancing what you have and not necessarily being garish or over the top. However, she appears (at the point that she wrote this book) to have reserved views on make up – never wearing coloured mascaras, for example, never wearing blue eyeshadows. I think nothing is nicer but a hint of purple or blue on the lashes and I always get complemented when I wear coloured mascaras.

Bobbi’s chapters are clear and she approaches make up for different skintones, light, or Asian, or Latino, etc. and keep fit and fitness, as well as a biography about how she became an artist. There is a lot of information in the book, and her endnotes with information for people who have had chemotherapy, and also for aspiring make up artists is thoughtful and shows she really has thought of everyone in this book. Her latest book, Living Beauty, is bigger, hardbacked, and glossy but I really think this first one is quite special, and shows that passion she has for natural beauty.

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