Review: Integrate Liner Power Shadow & Aqua Rouge

Integrate is a affordable brand by Shiseido – its a really hit or miss brand for me though. I love their mascara but I find it hard to find anything else that really stands out from the range.

Here is the visual from the latest collection:


I bought two items from Adambeauty – a new quad and lipstick.

integrate eyeshadow.jpg

I got the eyeshadow in BR700 (which is a very light fawn with pink) with two cream products in the centre – a dark liner and light shade for the inner and outer sections of the eye) and Aqua Creamy Rouge lipstick in PK308.

Here is the shadow – I’ve used it a few times:

integrate eyeshadow-1.jpg

The packaging is cute, but stupid.

For one thing, the powder products come off easily and land in the cream shadow/liner which is in the centre of the palette.

The cream products are a little on the hard side and because of the shade its hard to get a good amount of product, as its small and triangular. With a chubby finger, its nearly impossible.

Here is the Aqua Cream Rouge:

integrate lipstick.jpg

I chose a predictable pink shade – as expected the texture is gorgeous, really creamy and rich, not too glittery or sheer. The colour choices are pretty average, wearable neutrals (see them here).


integrate lipstick-1.jpg

Now the eyeshadow – I am not very keen on it at all. Its low on pigment, its sort of a little bit chalky, its very very blah. Anyway I did what I could with it:

integrate eyeshadow-2.jpg

I guess the overall effect is quite nice and wearable but its really not the easiest palette to use.

integrate eyehadow.jpg

What do you think? Have you every tried Integrate?

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  1. says

    Never even heard of it! I love that lip color though, it looks pretty fabulous! Your “cute but stupid” comment made me laugh really hard!

  2. says

    That lip color looks gorgeous on you! I’ve never tried Integrate but have always been curious about it. I guess their lippies are worth it but the eyeshadow can be skipped. Thanks for the review!

  3. sue says

    I’m still lemming after the purple palette fromt the last collection. Haven’t tried anything from Integrate except for their polishes. But some of the lip and eye products looks good!