Hissyfit Saving Face Anti Ageing Sunscreen Tinted Foundation Review

Hissyfit’s Saving Face is a all in one product – it is tinted and comes in 8 shades (foundation, tick), its hydrating (moisturiser, tick), its anti-ageing (tick) and has a whopping SPF 50 and UVA/UVB protection.

Needless to say, I was excited to try this out because its so imporatnt to use SPF on the face…and also because I’m lazy.

hissyfit saving face tinted moisturizer spf 50 foundation -1.jpg

So far I am loving this product. It feels like its thick in texture but when applied becomes quite light, similar to a tinted moisturiser, yet it has decent coverage. Where I had redness, I layered the base a little and it was more than enough.

There is still a slightly oily edge to it – as you tend to have with high SPF sunscreens but its not at all uncomfortable. If you put a fair amount on though or live in a humid environment, you may need to powder a little on to because its far from a matte finish.

I got Sand – which matches quite nice! Its a tad darker than I thought it would be but if you are using this in the summer be aware you may tan a little!

Hissyfit Saving Face tinted Foundation Cream.jpg

• All natural SPF
• Broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection
• Natural anti-aging extracts Pomegranate, Green Tea, and Australian Daisy, cehami (centipedia cunninghamii)
• Seven shades
• Water resistance
• Perfect to protect skin after exfoliation, dermabrasion or chemical peels

Shade Chart:

Hissyfit foundation shades-1.jpg

Its nice to know they have shades like Rich and Mocha for darker skins.

Here is this finish on my skin – its quite dewy:

Hissyfit tinted saving face sunscreen foundation tinted.jpg


I really like this product! Its got decent coverage, its hydrating and its a great protection for the skin. My skin also feels hydrated enough with this alone – especially in warm weather.

I know you can buy foundations already with decent SPF but this Hissyfit product is great if you need a high level of protection from the sun. Its just easy peasy.

If there was any draw back, it would be that it doesn’t have much sebum control – you may want to powder with a blot or transparent powder to fix this if you are oily.

RRP £22
but found it on Feel Unique for £18.70!

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