Treatment Review: Malika Signature Facial at Westfields

A few weeks ago I tootled (tootled?!) down to Westfields London to visit the Malika salon there for a Signature Facial treatments.

Westfields is a huge shopping centre and very swish it is too, and Malika is a chain of beauty salons across London that specialise in threading, lash treatments, manicures…a long list of pampering treats.

I had the Signature Facial which is 75 minutes long and costs £80. They say:

Based on ayurvedic principles, only selected herbs and seasonal fruits are used for this deep-cleansing facial which are unique to your skin type. The most natural facial you can have with long lasting results.


The salon itself is small but very nice looking, and the staff are nice enough. My therapist was 30mins late – it really is just one of those things that happens sometimes, and she apologised but it did throw the rest of my scheduled up day out of sync somewhat. However – I did get a yummiest cup of coffee whilst I was waiting! Creamy and sweet!

Then we got on with the facial in the tiny therapy room – I mean tiny. I could’ve opened the door with my foot whilst I was on the therapy bed!


The facial uses only natural ingredients so we’re talking about things like citrus juices, aloe vera, honey, sugar – no additives or nasties. I was asked if I had any allergies – which there are none that I know of.

The therapist was very good with the massage element of the facial – it isn’t a ‘relaxing’ facial as such because it’s so hands on, it’s all about the deep cleansing and really working the muscles around the face and neck. I can’t fault that – it was one of the best facial massages I have ever had.


The facial itself is quite a cold one – I guess because a lot of the liquid used is juice so these can’t be warmed up or it gets sticky. Just be aware it’s not a overly warm experience.

The facial is VERY messy. Bits of stuff flying all over the place. They didn’t put anything around my hair (and I wasn’t aware of how messy it would get!) so I was picking chunks of sugar and things out of my hair for the rest of the day. So remember to request a head band to protect your barnet!


There was also some extraction at the end of the facial – ouch! It’s a good thing though, many facialists will skip this if they can so it’s a good thing that the therapist wanted me to have the cleanest skin possible.


My skin was VERY red afterwards and blotchy. I had to put some make up on to cover it because I had a long day ahead of me.

Following the treatment, I can conclude that it was a bit too much for my sensitive skin – perhaps the combination of the citrus juice and other things on my skin and intensive massage made it quite flaky and sensitive.

If your skin can take it, this is a nice facial to have – VERY deep cleansing, and it does feel like you have really been for a treatment, it’s certainly not dull or insipid like some facials are.

On the other hand be careful if you are sensitive and it’s best to have this treatment when you can just go home and hide afterwards (I never have to seem this luxury!).

Malika’s site and services are all here.

Note: This was a complimentary treatment

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