Bad bad

I’m not completely thrilled with  This site is a sister to, an Asian version of Amazon if you like.  You can get cds, book, games, toys etc. from YesAsia (it’s still a pretty cluttered site) and you can use it as I do, for Japanese and Chinese language beauty books – shopping is free over $30 around the world.

YesStyle is more problematic as buying clothes online is always a bit of a risk.  I completely stayed away from that, looking at jewellery and beauty items instead.

So I ended up with Demeter scents – remember how I wasn’t thrilled with them?  Wet Garden had spilt all over my package at the time because the lid wasn’t on properly. So I emailed the CService dept and totally forgot about it, a week later I got the response from the YesStyle team.  They were hardly helpful. They won’t pay for recorded return (what if it gets lost in the post? my fault) and the process can take a month or so.

We will ONLY bear your return shipping cost if the package is returned by Regular Air Mail. All other means of return such as Registered Air Mail and Courier Service will not be entertained.

Well sorry for asking!

I won’t bother anyway since it stinks something horrible but I won’t be buying from YesStyle they seem to have a ‘tude problem!

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