Panda Eyes? Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener Review

Considering the fact that I get 4 hours sleep a night, I don’t have awfully dark circles but they are definitely there.

Yet I always forget to use concealer – but the difference when I pop a bit of brightener under my eyes is immense.

Enter Bobbi Brown’s (fairly) new Tinted Eye Brightener:

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Yah, we’ve seen it all before. Touche Eclat, Skin Flash – nearly every single brand has its own brightening lightweight concealer type thing for under the eyes.

Bobbi Brown concealers I do think are brilliant (I have the corrector and duo concealer) and whilst they are not my first stop for say, eyeshadows, if I want a base product that I know will work I go to them.

bobbi brown eye brightener under eye concealer.jpg

The Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener comes in a smaller tube than expected. Shorter than say, Touche Eclat, but a bit fatter, a bit rounder, like that friend you had at school.

They say:

Bobbi’s Tinted Eye Brightener, now in a NEW portable pen. With just a quick twist and a click—no need to pack a separate brush—you can apply this lightweight concealer to instantly brighten under-eye circles and refresh your makeup.

bobbi brown tinted eye brightener.jpg

Good point – Bobbi Brown concealers tend to be in a pot of some sort which makes it a bit tricky to use without a brush (and not very hygienic). Pot concealers make me lazy – its not just me being lazy, using pots makes me lazy.

The brush is quite firm:

bobbi brown tinted eye brightener-1.jpg

I have Peach but I did go to the counter to swatch a few shades and I reckon a few of them would work on my medium complexion.

On the eye:


bobbi brown tinted eye brightener-2.jpg

The concealer – its a lovely texture – despite being extremely light its got a good amount of coverage. It also illuminates without being racconish, its light enough not to settle into fine lines.

The brush is too firm to use as an applicator – this must be done with the trusty finger!

bobbi brown tinted eye brightener-3.jpg


Bobbi brown tinted eye primer concealer highlighter .jpg

Its very hydrating which I like and surprisingly really effective for such a tiny product. I like a lot and would heartily recommend over the likes of YSL’s Touch Eclat, which is a bit cakey and eventually smells like vinegar.

Its £22 from Bobbi Brown online or counters nationwide.

Highly Recommended!

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